You know that feeling when you’re sitting at a bar, enjoying a drink and a song comes up that is so good it leaves you in a better mood than the alcohol at hand. The only tragic part about these 4 minutes of bliss is that once the song ends, you’re left high and dry, longing to know more about this stranger in the bar. If this is you on most days, there is a way to identify these mysterious songs and you only need your smartphone for it. Here are a few ways to do so.

Ask Siri

Add these to the list of things Siri can do. All you have to is ask it to recognise the music or identify the song for you. This Apple voice assistant can integrate with a lot of third party apps which makes it possible for it to help solve your query. So, the next time you hear a groovy tune just hit Siri up and say “name the song?” or “what is the song that’s playing?” And you’ll have your answer in no time.

Or Google Now

Android users too have a Siri of their own now, called Google Now. You can use this android virtual assistant the same way and ask it to identify the song that’s being played.

There’s also Cortona who can help you

For those 10 people who use a Windows phone, your virtual assistant Cortana can handle such whims. And Cortana is good at it too. Ask her the same questions and she will be able to identify the song for you. You can also use Cortana through your laptop to do such tasks.

Or just through these apps

Using a virtual assistant makes it easy to get multiple jobs done including identifying the song. But if you’d rather not depend on them you can use a few apps programmed for music recognition that are less likely to fail you. In fact many of your AIs use the databases of these apps to identify the song. A few of such apps are Shazam, SoundHound, Musixmatch, MusicID and TrackID.