How many times have you missed witnessing a crucial moment because you were busy with your smartphone trying to Snapchat it? Too many times, way too many times right, and we say this because we feel for you bruh! How does one pick between snapping an epic moment or watching it yourself? On one hand, you want everyone to know you were there and on the other, you want to experience the moment for real too. But everyone knows you can't have your cake and eat it too. Or can you? These problems are way too real and the makers of Snapchat (or Snap Inc. as it’ll be called from now in the business world) gets it too. As an ode to make your snap chatting hands-free and your experiences more real, they came up with a solution. They launched spectacles that shoots videos on a tap of a button and then wirelessly transfers them to your smartphone. Cool eh!

How to use Spectacles?

These Spectacles look like sunglasses and have a button on the top left-hand corner that you need to tap on to begin recording a snap. It stops recording automatically after 10 seconds. However, if you want additional time, you can tap again to add 10 more seconds. While you’re snapping there is an inward-facing light that switches on and an outward-facing light that alerts anyone around that the camera is recording. These snaps can then be transferred to your Snap Memories via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, depending on what device you’re using. If your smartphone isn’t around, you can also keep the recordings in your spectacles till you get to your phone. Also Read: All You Need to Know about Instagram Going the Snapchat Way The camera on these Spectacles has an 115-degree lens which is much closer to the eyes’ natural field of view and will be circular just like human vision. So there you have it, snap your stories on the go and leave your hands free to clap, pet a puppy or just sway around. You can now be present in the moment and experience your memories for real without having to put in too much of an effort to record it. Spectacles will cost $130 and will be available in colours like black, teal and coral. They come with a charging apparatus which can keep the device juiced up for about a day. They go on sale later this fall but will be sold in only limited quantities. Here’s what your memories will now look like when you record them with Spectacles. Illustration by Aditi Sharma