The prospect of having a computer on your wrist used to be something out of our favourite science fiction stories. Even after the initial generations of smartwatch devices were launched, people were apprehensive about how useful these devices would be. However, those days are long gone and today smartwatches serve a wide range of purposes. From keeping you fit to maintaining your schedule, some can pull off everything a smartphone can do. Right now, the question is not whether you should get a smartwatch – rather, you should be wondering which one you should get. On that note, the range of smartwatches from Ticwatch offers some great choices across price points.

Ticwatch E2

At the lower end of the range, the Ticwatch E2 gives you the best smartwatch experience at its price point. To start off, even though it is a full-fledged WearOS smartwatch, it’s lightweight.
Despite that, it can go 50m underwater and sports a battery life of 2 days. With smart activity tracking powered by Ticwatch AI algorithms, your hard work in your workouts will be tracked perfectly.

Ticwatch C2

While the E2 is great for sports enthusiasts, those who prioritise form along with functionality might prefer the Ticwatch C2. The stainless-steel watch case is hitched to genuine leather straps, giving the entire watch a premium feel.
It also supports contactless payments with NFC. Also, with IP68 protection, it can handle occasional swimming in shallow waters.

Ticwatch Pro

For those who do not want to compromise at any point, the Ticwatch Pro pulls all stops and brings the best smartwatch experience to your wrist.
With layered display technology, you can switch between an LED and AMOLED display depending on the battery life you want. High-quality material like carbon fibre and hybrid leather straps have been used in the build.

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Image Courtesy: Ticwatch