Smart devices have been dominating tech trends all years. One such device is the smartwatch. Hosted by top brands like Apple and Sony, the smartwatch has become a gadget of utmost convenience.

If we count back the years to the earliest smartwatch, we’ll have to go to the 90’s where a wrist watch was invented with interesting features. Over the years, and several updates later, we’ve managed to finally create a watch that can be called smart in the true sense.

The latest version of the smartwatch is packed with a bunch of features that truly makes this gadget a device of the future.

If your tech radar hasn’t been stirred yet, here are a few reasons why the smartwatch is a total winner.

Subtly browse through notifications

Being connected to over 50 apps at a time can bring with them a ton of notifications. While some notifications could be useful, pulling out your phone and checking it every time it buzzes can be distracting. Also, it could be considered rude if you’re among people. Having these notifications diverted to your smartwatch can make it easy to browse through notification, even open a few important emails, without anyone noticing you. You can stay connected without being interrupted.

More than just a time-teller

Strapping on that wrist watch has a certain aesthetic value. But it’s not such an important device since you can tell time through a phone or laptop which is likely to be around you all the time. So, if you’re going to strap on a wearable, it might as well do you more good than just tell time. A smartwatch will do that and a lot more.

Control your smart home with a tap on the wrist

If you thought controlling your home and its smart devices like switching on the light, locking doors and turning on the AC using your smartphone was very Jetsons-like, what would say about doing this all with a tap on your wrist! Connect your smartwatch to your smart home and you can control it like a boss.

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Answer calls

When your mobile is packed in your handbag or tucked away inside your pockets, you can use the smartwatch to answer the call instead of wasting time finding your phone. It might not be the best way to answer calls but at least it is convenient.

Use it as a fitness tracker

Like a fitness tracker, a smartwatch can count steps too. It can also directly connect you to fitness apps to record and progress your regime which you would have otherwise used your smartphone for. This eliminates the need to strap on another gadget because a smartwatch does the tracking for you among many other things.

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Control music

Your smartwatch is connected to your smartphone and the music player in it. When listening to music you don’t have to pull out your phone every time you want to skip a song or change playlists. Control it directly from your smartwatch. This can be particularly helpful when exercising or running or when stuck in a cramped train.

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