The latest Snapdragon processor has always been a defining feature of many flagship smartphones. Every year, the latest entrant in the 800 series of Snapdragon System-on-Chip (SoCs) brings with it an entire package of cutting-edge processing power, graphics technology, image processing capabilities and more. This combines to give you a state-of-the-art experience in mobile computing on your smartphone. This year, the Snapdragon 865 (SD 865), which also brings 5G capabilities, has been used by several leading smartphones. Here are some of the best ones launched in India.

OnePlus 8 series

The OnePlus series of phones has been a preferred choice among Android users for a while now, offering a great combination of software and hardware capabilities. The OnePlus 8 series features the Snapdragon 865 as well as other impressive features such as high resolution and refresh rate displays, powerful cameras and more.

Xiaomi Mi 10

Among Snapdragon 865 phones the Mi 10 from Xiaomi manages to carve its own niche with its offerings. While there are phones with the same chipset priced lower, none of them have the 108MP sensor that the Mi 10 comes with, as well as the high-quality eye-catching display on the phone.

Vivo iQOO 3 series

Perhaps one of the most approachable phones on this list, the iQOO 3 series comes with the Snapdragon 865 in both 5G and non-5G configurations. This allows it to offer the same chipset at a lower pricepoint, while retaining all the other performance benefits of the SoC. It also offers other advantages like UFS 3.1 storage and air triggers for superior gaming.

Motorola Edge Plus

Signifying the return of Motorola to the flagship space after years, the Motorola Edge Plus goes all out. It is priced like some of the best flagships available today, and it offers a lot for that. The curved edge displays look quite sleek and the phone also comes with a 108MP triple camera array. It also promises an all-day battery life with a 5000mAh battery.

Oppo Find X2 Series

The Find series from Oppo has always featured great design and the Oppo Find X2 series picks that up with its 120Hz display. It also features impressive capabilities under the hood such as the ability to upscale low frame rate videos to 60 or 120 Hz, as well as a dedicated video engine. The 65W fast charging also helps keep battery woes away.

Image Courtesy: Brands