When the Apple iPhone 7 Plus was released last year there seemed to be a lot of hoo-ha about the new changes, especially the dual camera setup. The greatness of this one feature seemed to triumph the loss of the audio jack too. Which makes us wonder, is this dual camera setup really that big of a deal? Long before Apple, smartphone companies like LG and Huawei released their new flagship phones with the dual camera too and now the trend has just caught on. This year we will definitely see more phones with this setup but before you buy into the trend, here’s what you need to know about it.

How does it work

dual camera The dual camera consists of the primary camera that captures the image as usual and a secondary camera that captures depth of the field. It then combines both the pictures to give you a much finer quality photo.

Improved focus

focus Once you select your focus area, the dual camera setup gives you sharp focus that results in crisp and detailed photos. It also has the ability to focus on multiple subjects at the same time and has an improved autofocus feature and faster focus speed. Also Read: Action Cameras to Capture All Your Outdoor Adventures

Better depth perception

depth Better depth perception gives you great photos that appear really long. Imagine this feature while taking a picture of the horizon or a city skyline. The outcome will be outstanding. This depth perception is captured by the second camera. With such depth sense, your phone can differentiate the foreground and the background better to give you some really cool bokeh effect.

Zooming abilities

zoom A major drawback about the zooming option in most phones is that the image loses it quality. That’s when a dual camera setup comes to the rescue. Most dual camera phones like the LG G5 has a wider-angle lens that helps you zoon without losing any quality. With multiple lenses in your dual cameras you get the option of different focal lengths, which all results in better zoomed images. If you’re a mobile photography enthusiasts there’s much more you can do to experiment with your photos with a dual camera setup. Two eyes are better than one right, maybe it’s the same with this too. Cover image via ytimg.com, images via gizbot.com