Of all the bad things that can happen to you in a day, your smartphone battery dying on you can come close to being the worst. It can leave you absolutely stranded with no internet or call access, no music or movies, no games, no Uber and no maps; and that’s what nightmares look like. A good way to avoid this whole ordeal is to be prepared wherever you are. Here are a few smartphone chargers that you can rely on.
When you’re indoors
Croma Portable Charger
Investing in a good charger can go a long way. It efficiently and quickly charges your gadgets every time you plug in. A good charger also ensures your phone is safe from overheating and other charging mishaps.
When you’re outdoors
Croma 10400 mAh Power Bank
There are so many things you can leave behind when stepping out of your home, the power bank isn’t one of them. Keeping one in your bag at all time will help power up your phone wherever you are. Also Read: Power Banks That’ll Keep Your Phone Juiced up All Night Long
When you’re traveling
Callmate CCIPH5GL Car Charger
Whether you’re taking a road trip or just the Uber across town, it can turn into a super dull ride without your smartphone. Carrying a car charger around will help overcome this small glitch. It’s small and portable. This way you can leave the power bank for a different situation where you have no access to power at all.
When you don’t have access to the UBS port
Callmate WCSPBK Wireless Charger
There could be many reasons why your USB port is unavailable for a quick charge. For instance, it might be damaged or you might have plugged in another device to it. Despite all this, you can still charge your phone using this wireless charger, if it's capable of wireless charging. All you have to do is place your smartphone on it and let it charge.

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