Thinking back to a time where smartphones didn’t exist seems almost ancient. How did we even function without them? With its innumerable features and apps, this one device has managed to unify every aspect of our life. In a way it has begun to run our lives or as some would argue, ruin it.

But think about it, are you wilfully ready to spend a day without it? No, because smartphones make everything simpler and that’s what technology is supposed to do.

So let’s give our handy buddy some credit and count out the ways it has changed our lives for the better.

Not having to carry a dozen of gadgets when you step out

one gadget
Pack away the extra mp3 player, calculator, laptop, pen drive, flashlight, camera etc. because your smartphone has replaced them all.

Everything you need is just an app away

Whether you want to order food, book a movie ticket, count calories, shop online, read a book, edit photos, whatever it may be, there’ll be an app to sort you out.

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Keeps you updated in real time

You don’t have to go looking for news anymore. With constant notifications from news apps, twitter and shareable posts, news gets to you faster than ever. It makes you more alert about everything around you.

Has possibly made you more punctual

We’re not just talking about the alarm. With a smartphone, you can call for a cab instead of look for one. You can judge traffic and pick better routes. You can use a smartphone to its full potential so that you waste minimal time.

You’ll never get lost ever again

Two words. Google Maps.

You’ll never get bored ever again

Watch a movie, listen to music, play games or read a book. Your smartphone can keep you entertained all day.

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You’ll never feel lonely ever again (erm sort of)

With easy access to people and media all day, you might be able to overcome that particular lonely feeling.

Imparts patience

Your smartphone can be as moody as you. Someday it’s faster than your manic thoughts and someday slower than ever. Either way, you’ll love it enough to patiently deal with its moods.

No more awkward confrontations ever

Smartphones have made the art of confrontation so much easier. Why meet a person, when you can just text them those awkward messages? Or better yet, send them a message on Snapchat.

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