With all the videos we watch, games we play and continuous web browsing, our smartphone battery is going to get at its lowest low almost twice a day. But that doesn’t mean you need to control your usage or even limit it just to save some power. Here are some tips on how to conserve battery life without curbing your smartphone usage.
Find out what’s eating your battery
What's eating your battery Head to the ‘battery’ option in settings and you’ll find a systematic breakdown of what’s eating your battery life. Apps and features are in a descending order as to what consumes the most power. Turn them off or uninstall them accordingly if you think they aren’t worth the juice they hog up.
Reduce your app refresh frequency
app refresh Apps like Facebook, Twitter and Email are constantly refreshed after certain intervals to give you updated data. In some cases, like with Facebook where you can manually refresh it anytime you want, you can change the refresh frequency to extend your battery life.
Turn off hardware radios when not needed
hardware radio Hardware radios like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS etc. are not always needed. Keeping them on throughout can drain your battery juice extensively. Instead, just pull down your notification bar and keep things like GPS and Bluetooth switched off to use your smartphone for longer hours.
Regulate brightness
brightness Keep brightness low when indoors and turn off automatic brightness to conserve battery life.
Control apps running in the background
close apps Every time you open an app it stays on in the background, unless you manually shut it. While you may not be using it, it is still consuming power. The best way is to shut all app or go to ‘apps’ in settings, check for currently ‘running’ apps in the background and stop if you don’t think you need any right now.
Watch out of home screen widgets and live wallpapers
widgets Home screen widgets like weather which can be useful occasionally and live wallpapers that just sit there and look pretty end up consuming extensive power. If you’re picking between them and your battery, it’s time to let them go.
Keep your apps updated
apps As and when apps are updated, the developers also try to improve their battery usage capacity. So if you’ve got apps that you just can’t let go off, keep updating so you can use the best version of them possible which consumes less power.
Be careful in areas with less signal strength
battery life Every noticed how your battery dies out quickly during a train or road journey? This is because your network fluctuates through the journey making your phone work harder to catch a signal. This affects your battery. If you really want to save some juice during your trip, try keeping your phone on airplane mode at intervals or throughout.
Lo and behold power-saving mode
battery saver mode Sometimes we forget about the simplest solutions till it’s too late. The battery saver mode on all our smartphones can be quite useful. Switch to it when you’re down to even 30 percent and you’ll be surprised to find out how much longer it will help to keep your phone juiced up. Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com