Moving on to a new smartphone leaves us with a huge dilemma of what to do with the old smartphone. You could always give it to a younger sibling or sell it, but secretly don’t we all believe that no one but ourselves is most deserving of that fine piece of technology we’ve come to share a bond with over the years. However, you don’t need to say your goodbyes yet. Your most trusted buddy can still be of service to you, maybe not in the most conventional ways but certainly with these super useful alternate ways.

Use it to control your home media

remote Don’t worry about that TV remote that keeps getting lost between cushions or wherever the hell they seem to disappear. You can turn your old smartphone into a universal remote controller for your TV, cable box and home theatre. With apps like Dijit, RedEye and Universal TV Remote Control you can use your smartphone to control functions like power, volume, channel list, stop, play, fast forward, etc. You can even use some of these apps on Smart TVs for Smart Sharing and Casting. Many brands like Samsung and LG have their remote controller apps too. So, bin all those extra remote controls, you can now use your old smartphone to rule them all.

Control your home appliances too

smart home

The Internet of Things makes it possible for your gadgets to connect to one smartphone via WiFi. Smart devices like smart locks, smart lighting, pet feeders, baby monitors, coffee makers, thermostats, etc. can be controlled by your smartphone. But since you have a spare phone lying around, you can convert it into a designated home remote for all these smart gadgets even when you’re not at home.

Use it as a security camera

security camera If you have an old smartphone and don’t know what to do with it, you can turn it into a surveillance camera as long as the rear camera works fine. All you need is an app like IP Webcam, Manything or Home Security Camera on that phone and then set it in a place you’d like to monitor. With these apps you can start local streaming, cloud streaming or recording footage on your new video surveillance system. Just make sure there is a power source close to this camera since it will be powered on 24/7 and will need charging.

Make it a designated Skype line

skype Just like a landline in your homes, turn this old smartphone into a Skype line so everyone in your home can use it. All you need is a good front camera and a stable WiFi. Skype often exhausts the battery on long calls. So, save your current smartphone for better use and dedicate this old phone for Skype calls.

Turn it into a remote mouse

mouse Most days you don’t need a mouse, but some days you do. And in case you don’t have a mouse in such times, just take the spare phone lying around, install the app Mobile Mouse Lite and transform it into an in air wireless remote for your laptop. This app uses a built-in accelerometer that translates your hand motions when holding the phone into mouse movements on your screen. You can also use it as a trackpad remote that allows you to control your computer with a single finger.

Turn it into a standalone music box

music When you can’t be bothered by pen drives anymore, assign your old smartphone to store all your music and then turn it into a music box connected to your sound system. By simply using Bluetooth you can connect the phone and play music from your playlist or YouTube. This way your music won’t be interrupted every time your phone buzzes. Also Read: The Only Things You Need to Consider When Buying a New Smartphone Cover Image Courtesy:; Images Courtesy: