Your fancy new smartphone can be a bundle of cool features but on its own, it's just another smartphone unless it has a bunch of smartphone accessories to make the most of it. Think of them as the Robin to your smartphone. So, give your shiny new piece of gadget the sidekicks it deserves. Here are 8 accessories for your smartphone.
VR Box
Novel VR Box 3D Video Headset
If you watch a lot of movies and TV shows on your smartphone, this VR box can enhance that experience. It’s easy-to-use features and reasonable pricing makes this gadget worth your while.
Super Magnifier Lens
Neewer Mobile Phone Plus12.5 Super Magnifier Len with Tripod
If you take photography seriously, this magnifier lens will be your perfect assistant to take super magnified pictures of nature like flower, insects and textures of the earth. It has a premium optical glass and comes with a small tripod to keep your smartphone steady when you shoot.
10000 mAh Power Bank
Ambrane P-1122 10000 mAh Power Bank
You might have an all-rounder smartphone with tons of features, but what good is it if it doesn’t make it through the day?  Having a power bank around makes sure you can juice up your battery anytime and anywhere.
Car Charger
Callmate IPCCWH Car Charger
Taking a road trip or just riding across town, keep a car charger around to avoid being stranded by your smartphone.
Wireless Charging Pad
Amzer Wireless Charging Pad
Before you discard this device as a completely useless piece of technology, consider the fact that someday when you need your USB port for other functions or it’s simply busted or you have an iPhone 7, this charging pad might be just the thing to help you juice up your phone.
Gamepad Pro 2
Amkette 822BK Evo Gamepad Pro 2
The Gamepad Pro 2 will make gaming on your smartphone much more fun. Games with controller support like Asphalt 8, the bard’s tale and final fantasy IV will be one heck of an experience.
Jabra Sports earphones
Jabra Sports Wireless+ Headset
A good smartphone deserves a great pair of earphones to go along with it. Do your new phone a favour and dump those cheap earphones for these high-quality ones.
Selfie Stick with Remote
Merlin Selfie Stick with Remote
That super refined selfie camera that comes with your new smartphone is going to be tried and tested more than ever. So, how about you accompany it with a selfie stick that will help you take better pictures!

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