There are several gadgets that make it on to my travel checklist. My smartphone, camera and power bank are travel essentials. But none of them will be useful without these travel accessories. They require minimal investment and will guarantee that I stay powered up while I'm on the go. Also Read: Have You Checked Out These Slim Phones Under Rs 30,000?

A Car Charger for All Those Hours on The Road

Vidvie CC505 USB Car Charger Black
Taking the road to reach your destination? For long road trips in particular, you’ll be constantly relying on your phone to navigate or listen to music. Losing battery juice on such a journey would be tragic and that’s why the car charger is a smart travel accessory you must keep around. This light-weight Vidvie car charger comes with dual USB ports that deliver lightning-fast charging.

A Lightning Connector USB Cable for Fast Charging

Vidvie CB401i 1 Metre USB Cable White
A USB cable is an underrated accessory for the role it plays among your travel tech. A good cable, such as this Vidvie USB cable, that features a lighting connector will help gadgets charge much faster whether you connect it to a car charger or power bank. It is made of PVC material that can withstand wear and tear if you’re on a rugged adventure.

A Good Set of Earphones to Keep You Entertained

Vidvie HS607 In the Ear Headphones Grey
A good set of headphones will buy you some me-time on your trip. Plug in to enjoy your holiday playlist, while you block out all the unwanted sounds. These Vidvie in-ear headphones comes with the noise cancellation feature so you can stay entertained despite all the background sounds.

A Car Charger That Does More Than Charging

Vidvie BT803 USB Car Charger with Bluetooth Headset Silver
This multi-purpose travel accessory is a car charger and a Bluetooth headset. This lightweight mini headset comes with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity that lets you pair your smartphone with it so you can take calls on the go. And if you end up talking till your battery dies down, use the dual USB car charging feature to power it back up. Find more such useful travel accessories below. Also Read: Get Your Hands On The Coolest Linen Pieces From Celio Now

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