We’ve all been advised to travel light, haven’t we? But now that’s passé. We’ll tell you why you need to travel ‘smart’. We all know nothing can make it rain harder on your parade than standing at a baggage conveyor, watching all the colourful luggage roll by until the last one, only to realise yours didn’t make it through. If you’d ask me, I’d surely need an ambulance. But, hail, technology! Looks like the advent of smart luggage will make life easy for those of my ilk. Irrespective of whether the claims made by luggage brands are mere gimmicks, it is now, more than ever, that one needs to invest in bags that you can track on an app; or one that weighs itself, so that you don’t have to unpack at a check-in counter. Now before you crash open your savings and head out to invest in one, we’ll tell you what you must look for in a smart luggage.
App Connectivity
ampl backpack You’d guess that smart luggage is about being able to lock and unlock your luggage remotely, track it when it’s lost, get notified when you move away from it and so much more. And to make these features a reality, all you need is a simple app. Most smart bags can be taken care of with the help of an app that connects to the bag. Once it's connected, rest assured that your bag is in your complete control. From locking it and tracking it to being notified when someone tries to tamper with it, it lets you in on everything about your luggage. Check it out.
Bluetooth Lugloc
samsonite For most travellers, standing at a bag carousel can seem most stressful. It is a herculean task to watch out for your bag amidst a convoy of luggage that often looks the same. On many occasions, people even mistake your bag for theirs and take it off the conveyor only to realise it’s the wrong one, often resulting in the bag being abandoned. Some smart luggage now come with a Lugloc that that has a Bluetooth(r) proximity sensor. The sensor is connected to your mobile. Hence, when your bag is arriving on the carousel, it sends you an alert on your phone. Check it out. Also Read: 5 Travel Shows That Will Change How You See The World
bluesmart Now, the only thing that comes close to the nightmare of weighing oneself after a week of binging is checking in one’s luggage at the airport. But the smart luggage of today's designed to do away with that fear. One must invest in a bag that comes with a built-in digital scale that not only weighs the luggage but also tells you if it's permissible on the flight you’re about to board. For some bags, all you need to do is pull the handle and it will tell you if you’re good to go. Check it out.  
USB Charging
raden We’re living in the 24x7 era, which means connectivity plays a vital role in our lives. It is important that our phones and laptops stay juiced up for as long as we need them to be. Make sure you splurge on bags that come with in-built USB charging. From making sure your boss’s fury is in check with mails going in on time, to not missing out the perfect Instagram picture, these bags with chargers make sure your devices are all fired up and you ace life like a pro! Check it out.  
Zipperless Entry
tunkster Let’s be real, a travel bag’s zipper is as trustworthy as a cat’s morals. All you need is to pack an extra pair of boxers and it is ready to split itself open. This is where zipperless bags save the day! The top of zipperless bags rolls over like old roll-top desks; doing away with the struggle of shutting the bag while pulling hard on those zippers. Isn’t that a common sight on the last day of every trip? Check it out. Also Read: 7 Compact Travel Cameras under ₹20,000
Biometric Access
planet travel usa While we remain fascinated by remote locking and unlocking of bags, technology has challenged itself, with makers creating luggage that boast of biometric locks. With a limit set on the number of people that can set and use their fingerprint to lock and unlock the bags, these biometric models give a whole new meaning to security. Check it out.  
Interior Lighting
delsey Nothing makes life easier than investing in a bag that comes with interior lighting. We all know what a struggle it can be to scavenge through one’s bag in areas that are dimly light; say, for instance, a dingy closet of a hotel room. Some smart bags of today are designed to have inbuilt interior lights that light up the lives of globetrotters. Check it out.
A bag that checks itself in:
rimova A few smart luggage brands have tied up with airlines to bring their electronic tags into practice. These electronic tags are like paper tags, except that they are digital screens built into the unit, and are located close to the handle. Passengers can use the bag’s electronic tag that's synced with a phone app to check in their luggage if they are travelling with the partner airline. All the digital boarding information can be sent via Bluetooth, even before you leave home. Once that's done, all you got to do is drop your luggage at the airport counter. Now doesn’t that sound too good to be true? Check it out. Images via; bloomingdales.com, dhresource.com, squarespace.com, carryology.com, instash.com, bluesmart.com, samsonite.com, allsharktankproducts.com