Even if you love cooking, chances are that you hate having to clean up after you're done making a delicious meal. Most of us end up postponing kitchen cleaning as long as we can, because the mere thought of scrubbing dirty sinks and greasy platforms feels like a Herculean task. But it can be made easier with some simple kitchen hacks. For example, did you know that baking soda can easily tackle burnt stains on pans? Or that your blender can basically clean itself? Scroll ahead for some easy hacks on keeping your kitchen spotless.

Keep your fridge odour free

Your refrigerator stores a variety of vegetables, leftover dishes, spices, pickles and sauces, among other food items. So it’s natural that your fridge would generates an unpleasant odour over time. To tackle it, cut lemon into a half, stick some clove in it, and place it on a shelf inside your refrigerator. Alternatively, if you like the smell of vanilla, you can also soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract and place it in the fridge.

Remove grease from your oven

Keeping your oven clean is quite a task. But this hack makes it so easy that you’d gladly do it every weekend. To remove grease from your oven, add baking soda and water to make a paste. Smear it inside the oven and lightly spray white vinegar over it. Keep the door closed and let it sit overnight. Next morning, use a sponge to wipe it down and see how your oven looks brand new.

Clean a burnt pan

A burnt pan situation is a nightmare for anyone who loves their kitchenware. But you only need some vinegar and baking soda to combat it. Fill your scorched pan with water and add two cups of vinegar to it. Bring the water to boil, get it off the stove and then add baking soda to it. After keeping it for some time when you empty it, you’ll be able to scrub the burns away easily.

Make kitchen tiles look brand new

Whether you have small tiles or big ones, eventually, dirt starts accumulating between them, making them look really untidy. However, there is a simple way to clean them. Start by sprinkling baking soda over the tiles. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar or bleach and use it to spritz over the tiles. Let it fizzle for some time, and then scrub the dirt away. You will be surprised to see the floor looking fresh and clean.

Get rid of stubborn coffee stains

If you've been using your favourite coffee mug for a long time, you're probably tired of trying to get those pesky coffee stains out. Try using baking soda to clean it. Sprinkle it at the bottom of the stained cup, add some water to form a paste and then scrub. The abrasion will get rid of the stains in no time.

Remove stains from food storage containers

Tupperware and other food storage containers often tend to get discoloured after being used regularly. You can clean them by simply using lemon and sun rays. All you need to do is rub the container with lemons and set them aside in your window or balcony to soak up the sun. After two days, you can wash it and see the results.

Polish stainless steel faucets with flour

If the faucet in your kitchen is made of stainless steel, the only thing you need to do to keep it looking sparkly is use flour to clean it. First, wash and dry the sink. Then, sprinkle the whole faucet with flour and start buffing. Wash it again, the metal will look super clean and polished.

Clean your blender thoroughly

Blenders are used in kitchen very often. And although you wash them after every use, they still would need to be cleansed more to remove the hidden stains of purees and pastes. If you plan on cleaning yours by removing every part, save that thought. Because all you need to do is, fill it halfway with soapy lukewarm water and then blast it for a few seconds. Follow this up with a regular wash for a completely clean blender.