If you’re tired of looking at screens during this lockdown, we can completely relate with you. Along with the obvious impact on your vision and stress levels, continuously streaming content for entertainment can get a bit repetitive too. During these times, if you’re not using your smart assistant devices to make your days more interesting, then we’ve got some helpful tips and ideas for you right here.

Encourage better mental health

You can directly use calming sounds by saying something like ‘help me relax’ or link an app like Headspace for guided meditation sessions with just a voice command.

Play games

There are multiple quiz apps like Movie Quiz, Trivia, Riddles on most popular smart assistants that can be invoked by just a voice command. If you’re not in the mood you can also ask for random interesting facts. <

Stay Fit

If your fitness app connects with your smart assistant, you can use voice commands to check up on your stats like steps for the day. You can even use popular voice assistants for guided workouts. <


Listen to Music, Podcasts and more

One of the basic functionalities of smart speakers, you can ask the voice assistant to play music of your choice, or your favourite podcast. Voice commands can be used to control the playback, volume and more. <

Control your smart home

There’s a lot of devices in the market that are compatible with popular voice assistants. If your appliances and gadgets are too, then you can use voice commands to control your entire home without lifting a finger. <


Engage your kids

Smart assistants can be a great way to keep the children in the house engaged. Apart from useful features like telling a bedtime story of your choice, smart speakers can also offer answers to endless questions from their curious minds. <

Stay updated with news

Another benefit that smart assistants offer is to bring you a bulletin of the latest news. You can ask for general news or even seek out specific sub-topics like sports, technology and more. <


Image Courtesy: Shutterstock