The battle for the slimmest phones continues. This time we’re looking at the mid-range section, reviewing brands like Samsung, Apple and Nokia for their slimmest, and best, handsets. These light-weight, slim phones have a premium appeal about them – they are ergonomically-designed to feel good when you hold them, and they pack in all the necessary components required to power high-end smartphones. If you’re looking for your next smartphone, check out these slim phones under Rs 30,000. Also Read: Buying Guide: The Best Slim Phones Under Rs 20,000

iPhone 6

iphone 6
What makes the iPhone 6 a better buy as compared to the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8? It’s certainly got to do with the way it’s sized. This sleek phone measures 6.9mm and weighs only 129gms.

Vivo V9

Vivo V9
The latest 2018 Vivo phone, the Vivo V9, is another one that makes it to the slim phone category. This one is a gorgeous 7.9mm phone with infinity display. It also features the much-talked about Face Unlock technology.

Oppo F7

oppo f7
The F7 is also a latest 2018 smartphone launched by Oppo. Keeping up with times, this smartphone has a slim 7.8mm body and infinity display too.

Honor 9 Lite

honor 9 lite
With a beautiful sapphire blue frame, slim profile and a very pleasant touch, the Honor 9 Lite is worth checking out too. It’s thin body measures to 7.6mm and comes with an impressive set of other features too.

Samsung J7 Pro

Samsung J7 Pro 64 GB Gold 3 GB RAM Dual SIM 4G
The Samsung J7 Pro stands adequately slim at 8mm. This phone is made of high-quality material that makes it shock resistance and durable, ensuring a longer life.

Nokia 8

Nokia 8
Nokia made a comeback with a collection of trendy smartphones, including the Nokia 8. The phone comes with a 5.3-inch LCD display and a thin 7.9mm body. It has sharp edges, a smooth metal exterior and a strikingly clean look that makes this smartphone a stunner.

Moto G5S Plus

moto g5s
The Moto G5S Plus is essentially an updated version of the G5 series. It has a 5.5-inch screen and an 8mm body. The phone is a tad heavy at 168g, but that’s justified since this attractive device is an all-in-one unibody metal design with a single slab of glass covering the entire front. Also Read: 5 Super Slim Smartphones Under Rs 15,000