Last month, we put up a story on how single women can handle the wedding season and emerge unscathed. This one’s for the men. While a lot has been said about single women being overwhelmed during wedding season, it can be overwhelming for men as well, except for the fact that men are less expressive about it. But fear not, for help is at hand. Here are some tips for single guys this wedding season.  

Look and Feel Confident

Says wellness coach Ramona Mordecai, “Single men experience a lot of grief because society gives the notion that you are not complete unless you have a woman to start a family with. But remember that you have your own process and vision to fulfil, you are unique, and there is nobody else like you in this world.” Adds health and life coach Nipa Asharam, “Breathe! What is meant for you will never miss you and that which misses you was never meant for you. So trust the universe, believe in magic, everything is happening for a reason. Let it go and make the best of the moment.”

Go Without Any Preconceived Notions

Many times, we build it all up in our head, which makes us defensive and aloof. Says Asharam, “Often enough there is a conditioning associated with weddings and that makes one stiff and guarded. Just treat weddings like any night out or an evening with good friends and drop the pre-conceived notions that don’t let you enjoy it freely. Just hang out and enjoy the present. That way, very few comments and situations will be overanalysed.”

Look Out for Friends

If you hang around in a group, there are fewer chances of being cornered by annoying and pushy relatives and friends. Besides, you won’t get bored and your mind will be diverted from the elephant in the room.

Converse with Anyone and Everyone

Yes, your cousin might be a boring old sod and that uncle might irritate you with his world views, but they also might introduce you to a new potential client, business associate or even a friend you’d like to hang out with after the party. “Connect and meet people with different stories. It’s as simple as that, so don’t complicate it. Enjoy a dance. Learn interesting things people do. Have a fun cocktail with a new person you just met. Keep it simple,” says Asharam.

Be Who You Are

Explains Asharam, “Nothing is more attractive and endearing than meeting someone who is unapologetically themselves. It makes one real, honest and easy to hang with. So instead of trying to fit in, just be your unique self.”

Be Prepared to Answer the Single Questions

You’re bound to run into this one, so you might as well be prepared. Think up some funny, witty answers or simply be honest. If you answer with confidence instead of mumbling excuses, that nosy aunt will be more likely to cease the probing. Drop healthy, flirtatious lines on pushy aunties who keep asking about your future plans. “If seated around an incorrigible relative, steer the conversation towards the decor, the food, or the happy couple,” says Mordecai. “And if the conversation starts getting uncomfortable, excuse yourself to grab a drink or some food. Or change the subject to a neutral topic, such as demonetisation. Everyone will have something to say about it.”

Don’t Feel Pressured to Bring a Plus One

It might be tempting to avoid the pity glances and persistent questioning, but don’t take someone you don’t really like along to the wedding. Explaining her away later will be difficult.

Look Your Best

Let’s face it, a wedding is the best place to meet your significant other. And even if you don’t, it doesn’t hurt to look good. Dress smart, style your hair right and carry a big smile. This will give you the confidence to approach a hot girl or fend off pushy relatives.

Show Respect to Everyone

“Weddings being weddings, there are all sorts of girls. Some who are looking out for a man, some who are just friendly, and even some who might be pushy or needy – but try not to judge. We don’t know their stories, so respect each one as they are. That way you get to know individuals instead of stereotyping them based on their relationship status,” says Asharam.

Enjoy It and Remember that It’s Not Forever

Look on the bright side – you can eat and drink as much as you want without anyone asking you to slow down. And you can dance without a worry! You’re not going to remain single forever, so you might as well bask in the privileges it offers before you’re tied down.


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