While talking about what makes a whiskey cocktail so good, Sommelier and owner of All Things Nice, a Wine And Spirits Consultancy,  Nikhil Agarwal recommends that the quality of the whisky needs to be good with distinct aroma and flavour profiles so that the whiskey itself is an ingredient and not just a medium. Keeping that in mind we suggest you put on your single girl swagger and treat yourself (and all your other single lady friends) to some insane whiskey cocktails and a lot of fun.
What: Coke and peanut cocktail
For when you’ve got peanuts in your bank account too. If you’ve maxed out all your cards, plan a girls’ night in and try this fun drink. While it requires more prep to execute than other cocktails (hey, no pain, no gain, right?), it tastes as good as it sounds. Sweet and salty at the same time, the flavours come from deep in the American south. Start with the orget: mix two cups of roasted, unsalted peanuts with a syrup made from half a cup of sugar and water each, orange flower water and 30ml brandy or vodka. Let it sit for about six hours. To make the cocktail, mix 50ml of whiskey and the peanut orget in a tumbler, top it up with coke and garnish with more peanuts.
What: The whisky sour
For when you return from a family wedding. Spending a couple of days answering excruciating questions about your love life can be trying. If you’re thinking life has given you lemons, this may be your go-to drink. After all, the trick to getting this just right is to strike the right balance between the sugar and lemon. To get started, fill a cocktail shaker with tons of ice, pour in 50ml of whiskey, about 20ml of both lemon juice and sugar syrup, shake it well and voila you’ve got your whisky sour. whiskey cocktail

(Clockwise: coke and peanut cocktail, the whiskey sour, hot-blooded delight, classic suburban)

What: Hot-blooded delight
For when you’re feeling hot, hot, hot! If you want to add a spicy kick to your evening, sip on whiskey cocktail. Begin building this drink by adding blood orange juice, agave and whiskey in your shaker and shake till the ingredients look well-combined. Next add jalapenos, shake about three times, and swiftly pour through a strainer into highball glasses filled with ice. Strain out the jalapenos and discard them. This should get temperatures soaring.
What: Classic Suburban
For when you want to show off your mettle. Invite your crew for a house party and see who lets loose after trying this classic whiskey cocktail. A blend of 3 parts rye whiskey, 1 part dark rum and 1 part port, it’s finished off with a dash of Angostura bitters. A word of caution though: this drink is not for the faint-hearted. PS: We encourage responsible consumption!
The quality of the whisky needs to be good with distinct aroma and flavour profiles so that the whiskey itself is an ingredient and not just a medium Nikhil Agarwal, Sommelier and Owner of All Things Nice


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