A house is not a home until you make it your own. Surround yourself with a space that reflects your personal aesthetic and lifestyle. With WFH being the norm now, it would be great if you change up a little bit around your home to make it more cheerful and relaxed. This way you not just update your living space but also create a positive environment where you can thrive. If you thought that decorating your home is an expensive project, then we are about to change your mind. We put together some really simple and tiny changes that you can make around your home to instantly make it seem new and refreshed.

Change the furniture layout

Furniture are the biggest pieces that take maximum space in your home. Take out time during the weekend and move around the furniture. You can create a conversation nook around the balcony/window with a small table and chairs, change your sofa direction and move your workspace to where you get more natural light for some instant refresh.

Put up different curtains

Curtains adds to your décor in a very visible way. So the next thing to do is putting up a fresh curtains all across your home. If you prefer more light to flow in during the day, choose lighter fabrics. You can also use curtains that are more colorful to make your décor more vibrant and summery.

Add in some throw pillows

Though you can’t change your sofa covers that often, you can always update its look by changing your throw pillows. If you have your sofa in a solid colour, bring out your printed pillow covers to give your sofa a quick style update. Also, the more the better.

Put up fairy lights

You don’t need an occasion to put up lights. String it across a wall or by the window to give your home a dreamy look. If you have any lamps that are placed in a neglected corner, you can place it somewhere more prominent for mood lighting.

Update the coffee table décor

If your coffee table is piled up with old newspapers and magazines always, it is not being utilized to add to your home décor. Clear up the mess, clean it and make it a space where you can flaunt your tablescaping abilities. You can start off by layering it with a tray that can hold accessories of different textures and sizes like scented candles, a metal figurine, glass vase etc. You can also neatly place a few magazines or your favourite books for quick read.

Get some plants indoor

The smallest bit of green around your home can instantly make the aesthetic so much fresher. If you have any plants that are suitable for indoors, you can shift them into your bedroom or living room. You can also place them near the windows, so that they can add to the décor and yet receive good sunlight. Image courtesy - Shutterstock.com