Shopping during end-of-season-sale time can be a stressful task. The maddening crowds, long queues outside the fitting rooms and even longer queues at billing counters will leave the most zen among us losing our cool. That's why Kavisa Rebello, our stylist and site merchandiser, can't get her husband Vishal Almieda to go shopping with her. To make life easier for him (and to sate her shopping fix), she shopped for Vishal's favourite Westside brands during the Now & Wow Sale on, and opted for the CLiQ AND PiQ option. She picked three outfit options - one for Friday dressing, an experimental denim-on-denim look and a fresh take on the all-black-everything look. After purchasing the basics online, she chose to have her husband go collect his shopping, so he could pick them up from the Westside store on the same day. The CLiQ AND PiQ option is also great in times of emergencies, when you absolutely need to buy a new outfit for last minute occasions. If you're in a rush and want your shopping haul ASAP because you don't have the luxury of waiting for a delivery, then the CLiQ AND PiQ feature is a great option. See what she bought him. Video: Silver Lining Studios

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