When it comes to buying shoes online, it can seem like a gamble. You see a pair that you absolutely want to own because they looks so good on screen, but when you get they, reality bites you in the feet — quite literally. Comfort should always be at the fore when it comes to fashion, and this credo applies to footwear in particular. Instead of gambling your money away and dealing with shoppers' remorse later, make wise investments. Here's what we think you should invest in, when it comes to shoes:

Clarks Chinaberry Pop Black Mary Jane Shoes

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Fashion experts everywhere have declared the return of Mary Janes. Stay ahead of the curve and get yourself the patent black pair.

Vans Era 59 Navy Sneakers

Nostalgia never goes out of style and this classic pair of sneakers will outlive all the fashion fads to come. Navy goes with everything so don't even think twice before adding this to your cart.

Crocs Red & Black Wedge Heeled Pumps

Who says rain shoes can't be stylish? This pair of pumps from Crocs is just what the doctor ordered to brighten up a rainy day.

Red Tape Black Leather Slip-Ons

Slip-on shoes might be mankind's greatest invention after the wheel. This pair has all the class to make it formal event-appropriate and is so comfy to slip your feet into.

Vans Authentic Hot Pink & Dark Brown Sneakers

We can all be unanimous in saying that cupcakes will never go out of fashion. Get this pair so you can have your cupcakes and wear them too.

Clarks Amulet Rosa Black Sling Back Sandals

Pointed toe sling-backs are having a moment and this embellished pair is especially covetable. It has got all the fanciness of a dress shoe but is flat, so you can dance all night.

Crocs Freesail Plush Lined Black Clogs

Whatever your opinion on Crocs might be, you simply can't argue about the comfort levels this pair might provide. That plush lining alone will serve as a personal carpet for your happy feet. Like this article? Also read: The Ultimate Guide to The Big Flat Sale