When it comes to shoes, comfort is of absolute importance. And, then comes style. But, what if we tell you there is a brand that prioritises both for you? Say hello to Carrera, an Italian brand that has been crafting comfortable, stylish shoes since the 60’s. As far as comfort is concerned, we aren’t surprised. After all, they use cotton as their raw material. Their trendy style is credits to the cutting edge technology that they have been relying on since the beginning of the brand. More than just wearing a young and carefree look, Carrera’s sturdy shoes are about going into the great outdoors, being in close contact with nature and enjoying it to the fullest. Parks, trails, hikes, forests - wherever it is that your adventure takes you, a pair of sturdy Carrera shoes are all you need for an amazing experience.  We picked our top favourites from their super impressive collection on Tata CLiQ . They are so comfortable, you can run in them all day long!

OG Black

Your wardrobe would be incomplete without a pair of black sneakers. Guess what? This pair of casual sneakers is as versatile as it can get.

Derby Style

‘Damn, you look fine’ - that’s us complementing these shoes. C’mon, look at them. Pair them with any casual outfit and you are still going to make heads turn in a party.

Trendy White

If white sneakers are not in trend right now, then what really is? You can wear them to work and also to a party.

Risky Red

These red sneakers are for people who aren’t scared to experiment. Not everyone can pull off a red pair, can they? But, if you want to look effortlessly smart, get this right away!

Tonal Grey

Tonal dressing is the talk of the town at the moment. So, don’t be stressed about wearing grey shoes with grey trousers. Take it from us, you will be the centre of attention.

Go-Getter Green

Green might not be your first pick but if you are the ‘chinos and t-shirt’ kinda guy, look no further and slip your feet in this comfortable pair!

Subtle Twos

For the subtle yet statement look, we recommend these beige and black sneakers. Pair them with your favourite striped shirt and you are good to go!

Classic Navy

Can navy blue ever go wrong? Especially, if your look for the day is a round t-shirt and three-quarter pants.

Black is Bae

We just can’t get enough of black sneakers. This is why we have added another pair to our list of favourites. This one is even more laidback.

Get Set Grey

Grey looks great with denim! Just close your eyes and wear these with your favourite jeans and white shirt.   Loved our picks? Shop from a stunning range of mens footwear by Carrera here.