We're only a few weeks into 2019 and fashion girls everywhere are already wearing the hottest shoe trends of the season. They're all classic styles - some are reinvented, some have been brought back as is - and they are so, so versatile. Here are 5 shoe trends that should make it to your closet right now:

The Kitten Heel

First introduced to the fashion world in the 1950s, kitten heels were also called trainer heels because they were thought to prepare young girl for stilettos. Yet these micro heels (they usually stand at 1.5-in to 1.75-in in length) are having a moment, because this season, it's all about wear what makes you comfortable. Like this article? Also read: Contemporary Diamond Rings That You Can Wear Everyday

White Heels

If you need to add a hint of freshness to your shoe collection, a pair of white heels is just what you need to own. From desk to dinner, a pair of white classic pumps is sure to elevate your style.

Heeled Boots

As we hold on to the last few days of winter, get ready to add a touch of sexy to your outfit with a pair of stiletto heel boots. We love how it looks great with just about any outfit and can help change your look in a matter of seconds. Like this article? Also read: Why Your Next Phone Will Have Multiple Camera Lenses


Quite a few of 2019's trends have been strongly influenced by the styles of the 70s and 90s. We love how the platform shoe trend has evolved. It is much sleeker and more comfortable to wear and it's perfect for an edgy casual look.

Dad Sneakers

You may have a love hate relationship with dad sneakers but they're one of the biggest shoe trends right now. These chunky sneakers might not be as glamorous as a pair of heels but surely add a hint of fun to your casual outfit. You need to try it out at least once! Like this article? Also read: Stylish Activewear That Will Help You Stick To Your New Year's Resolution Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com