China is about the only place I feel welcome. Everywhere else I feel like someone played a wicked trick on me when I was born, over-enthusiastically waved a wand at my feet and shouted, ‘Reducio!’ How else can I possibly explain my under Size 5 feet?

Nine out of 10 brands don’t stock my size, and the one that does often has styles that make my feet look like a 12-year-old’s. Such is life! But I’ve made my peace with my tiny feet; in fact, I’d like to think I’ve mastered the art of looking A-OK below the ankle. And because every once in a while I feel altruistic, I’m revealing trade secrets (read: styles that were made for tiny feet), straight from my shoe closet to yours…


Nudist Sandals

Stuart Weitzman made these babies famous, but I strongly believe that this two-strap sandal was designed to make tiny feet look sexy! If you get these in your size, you’re set for every date night here on.

Rule of thumb: Thick straps are your worst enemy.


D’orsay Stilettos

One of my favourite styles, the d’orsay gives you all the sophistication of a closed pair while revealing just the right amount of your feet to make them look a little longer. The secret is to get yourself a pair with a small toe box that just about covers your toes.


Studded-toe Pumps

I’ve learned that a little shoe detailing can work magic for your teeny tiny feet by instantly taking the attention off your foot size. Avoid busy prints and go for more subtle detailing like a studded toe.


Short Vamp Loafers

Loafers are a great shoe style for small feet, if you get them right. I usually pick a loafer style that’s narrow and has a short vamp, so that at least a portion of my foot is exposed.

Note to self: When feet are all closed-up, Imma look like a hobbit.


Pointed Ballerinas

Sure, ballet flats are cute and comfortable but they do nothing to make your feet look grown-up. My advice: Skip the round-toed ballerinas and try a pair with a pointed toe instead. Just make sure they aren’t too long and pointy, or someone might hand you a broom.


Low-cut Sneakers

You’ve got to run a million miles away from lace-ups, high-cut sneakers and flatform sneakers. They cause serious sartorial damage to small feet. I like to keep the look casual chic in slip-on, canvas sneakers, and frankly, so should you 🙂



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