Most of us live in apartments that are already optimised to accommodate all the members of the family. There’s usually hardly any space to host a guest, let alone spare a whole room dedicated to hold a home office. But that doesn’t mean your workspace can be anywhere your laptop is placed. Whether you work from home entirely or bring back the occasional office load, having a specific place allotted to your work time can influence the quality and productivity of the task at hand. Agreeing with this thought interior designer Ahsan Ansari, who also works from home sometimes, talks to us about how you can setup a home office even if you live in a tiny apartment. Ansari is the principal designer at Clay Architecture and Interiors, an interior design company, and has worked on the interiors of Sussanne Roshan’s The Charcoal Project and the homes for actors Chunky Pandey and Shilpa Shetty. According to Ansari, setting up a home office may not always need a large space. He has created his own work station in a cosy nook by a window. He likes to surround his work space with books, music and all things that inspire him. Take a look at his work space and then take a few ques from him to create your own home office.

Picking the Right Spot

All you need is a comfortable corner with the right elements. Ansari suggests using the kitchen island as a work desk. A writing desk is what defines a work station, add a chair to it and you’re all set to start up. Plus, this way you’re closer to the coffee too! He also recommends picking a spot close to a window as it allows the flow of natural light.

Creating the Right Vibe

Even though your home office is part of another room, you can do a lot to make it stand apart as a dedicated work space. Setting the right décor will add the right mood to your spot. Ansari advices adding office décor-like elements such as books, stationary and a table lamp to give it the real feel. When picked correctly, colours can create an energizing aura to your space. Ansari suggests coral and peach. There are many ways to include such colours that go beyond simply paining your walls. You can incorporate them through wall hangings or desk-top trinkets. You can display this colour scheme through your stack of books or the chair cushion or even the rug.

Setting Up Storage

When creating a home office in a small space, it is crucial to make sure you don’t clutter the area. Minimalism is key. Ansari recommends assigning a shelf under the table to keep important paperwork and that bulky printer, which can otherwise be an eyesore when left in the open. And that’s pretty much all you need. Now that you’re ready to set up, here are a few gadgets that will prove to be helpful in your home office. Go ahead pick them from below. Cover Image Courtesy:; Image via Pinterest

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