Everyone’s in on the selfie bandwagon now. Yes, we take those occasional duck-faced ones but we also use it for meaningful pictures like felfies (family selfies), petfies (pet selfies) and ussies (us/group selfies) that we take every other day. Selfies are finally being accepted as social norm sans the eye rolls. Cheese to that! So it’s only natural that a selfie stick (which seems a tad bit over the top right now) is gonna sync in like a natural extension to this art of selfie-taking; like a tripod to a photographer. And if you’re still thinking how mainstream and millennial this seems, wait till we list of the pros of using a selfie stick.  
You can fit a wider background and yourself in the same shot
selfie background Want to take a great picture of yourself and the Eiffel tower? Well good luck trying to fit them both in the frame without a selfie stick. Having this handy device lets you take wider shot of yourself with the background.  
You won’t be cutting out anyone from group pictures
group selfie If only we had a penny for every time we cut someone out of a group selfie. *sigh* With a selfie stick, everyone fits in the frame. Also Read: World Photography Day: Photographers Give Us Their Go-To Kit  
No more stiff-wrists from holding the phone
still wrists Let’s face it, holding your hand upright in an angle to get the perfect selfie can be tiring and your wrist is what bears the brunt of a pretty profile picture. With this awesome device you can concentrate more on that pout and less on your stiffening wrist.  
No shaky pictures either
shaky selfie No stiff wrist, no shaky picture. Problem solved!  
Your phone is safe from accidental drops
fallen phone That moment when you pose for a picture but hear the thud of the phone falling instead of the click of the camera. *gasps* Relax, that won’t happen anymore either; courtesy, a selfie stick. Find more selfie sticks here. Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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