Even though Christmas is a couple of weeks away, it is already time for another time-honoured Christmas tradition at workplaces – Secret Santa gifting. While it can be done in many ways, the best way to describe Secret Santa is “anonymous gifting within a fixed budget”.

While the first part of that statement makes for a whole lot of fun, the second part can put you in a fix. How should you stick to a fixed, usually low budget that doesn’t end up making your gift look bad? Don’t sweat, we’ve got that covered for you with our Secret Santa gifting cheat sheet. Go with any of these picks, and you’re sure to never go wrong.

Bluetooth Speaker

If the person is a music lover, the X-mini Nano X is perfect for carrying their music in their pocket.


Post the holiday season feasts, the Philips Citrus Juicer is just what one needs to get their health back on track.


Make great music a personal experience with the Treble H82, without ditching any calls, thanks to its mic.

Fitness Tracker

The Bingo fitness band is an amazing health companion for one’s post-holiday fitness regime.

Hand Blender

Planning to get those party desserts right? The Turbomix is the kitchen assistant for the job.


Keep the tea of your choice always in stock with the Prestige Classic Electric Kettle

Waffle Maker

A quick and easy dessert for any day, the Lifelong Waffled is a holiday gift everyone would love.

Power Bank

The party doesn’t need to stop for a low battery situation if one has the Ambrane power bank with them, with 15000 mAh of power ready to fully revive even the completely drained phones.

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