Smartwatches are here to stay, that’s the truth. No longer just for tech nerds and flashy teens, these devices are a great blend of style and functionality that make them serious contenders in the fashion space. Even though some naysayers only want to cling to their analog wrist candy, when it comes to wristwatches, there is no harm in playing the field a little. For men, just like cars, you own as many as you can afford because there is no such thing as having too many. Being able to run through supported apps and customize your watch face dials will definitely elevate the mundanity of a wristwatch but it might cause a dent in your wallet. Here is our pick of three smartwatches that guarantee they’ll be worth your time and money.  

Save: Titan Juxt

Released earlier this year, Titan’s collaboration with HP to enter into the smartwatch market is a commendable effort. Unlike other wearable tech devices, this one doesn’t scream smartwatch. As intended by Titan, it can easily pass off as a regular wristwatch that is all-male with its classic design of a chunky, stainless steel chassis and a black dial. The Titan Juxt pairs with your phone via the Titan Juxt app for Android or iOS and supports basic functions like app notifications, watch face customization, step tracker and multiple timezone capability. Priced at Rs. 17,495 for the stainless steel version, it’s a sensible buy for your first wearable tech experience.  

Spend: Fossil Q Marshall

If you want a smartwatch that ups the ante on the style quotient, the Fossil Q Marshall is a sleek beast that will pack a few tricks up your sleeve. With distinct buckle-style lugs, a slim body and straps in leather or stainless steel, it has a posh vibe that gets our nod of approval. The touchscreen dial is powered by Android Wear™ and supports all the accompanying bells and whistles that you would expect from a smartwatch. Wireless charging, 4GB flash storage, and a speaker/microphone are the impressive hardware offerings. Priced at Rs. 22, 995, The Q series make a strong case for fashion companies being able to come up with their own wearable tech.

Splurge: Apple Watch Series 2

Haters can say what they want, but there is no denying that the Apple Watch made smartwatches a mainstream fashion accessory. Sure, there were others before it, but just like an icon, everything after will be remembered in relation to it. We’re not going to go all John Ive on you by getting into the details because the Apple Watch Series 2 speaks for itself. Rocking a brighter display and in built GPS support, it is water resistant enough to survive a quick dip in the pool. The only downside in this case is that you’ve got to own an iPhone to use it. Prices starting from Rs. 34,900 and going up to a body organ you are willing to part with for the higher variants.   So if you’re feeling progressive and want to explore the smartwatch experience, you might as well just take the plunge. It could take some time getting used to the idea of speaking to your wrist but it has a level of 007 sophistication to it, don’t you think?