As summers get hotter, India’s per capita electricity consumption has been increasing too. It has been up by 46 percent in the last eight years. Today cooling systems have become one of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprints. How ironical is it that we need air conditioners to cool us during this heat wave but using them further contributes to the heating up the environment! We’re all slaves to the vicious cycle of global warming. It is ultimately up to us to help manage if not solve the problem altogether. Whether you’re worried about climate change or not you should always be mindful of the energy you consume. You can do your part for our environment one small effort at a time. Saving energy also helps you cut on your electricity bill, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Here are some simple everyday habits to adopt to be more energy efficient. Start now and become a climate warrior this World Environment Day.

Unplug electronics when not in use

Did you know that even though your TV is not on, it is still consuming electricity if the main switch is on? This is called a phantom load where a device consumes electricity when turned off because it is still plugged into the power source. R S Hiremath, an expert on renewable source of energy claims that in any average home if the electronics are not switched off from the main power, it accounts for at least 100 watts per hour.

Use energy efficient gadgets

You cannot go without using an air conditioner these days, but you can opt for an energy-efficient model to help reduce the damage. Most gadgets today including ACs, refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines come with an energy saving rating. These products have stars that indicate how energy efficient an appliance is, 1 star being the least to 5 stars being the most energy saving gadget. They may cost more to begin with but you will understand their worth once it reflects in your electricity bill every month. world environment day 1

Switch to CFL bulbs

Light bulbs are power hungry sources too. The more you keep them on in a day, the more will be the power consumed. However, switching to a compact fluorescent light bulb CFL bulb) can help cut down this consumption by 50 to 70 percent. This means that using 3-4 days of CFL lights can equate to one day of using the regular incandescent bulbs.

Keep your gadgets clean

Having an air conditioner with clean vents reduces the pressure on the compressor and circulates air effortlessly. Similarly, keeping your refrigerator decluttered helps it cool better. When gadgets are messy and dirty, they have to overwork, which makes them consume more power. So, clean your devices regularly to keep them functioning smoothly.

Consider upgrading to smarter gadgets

Upgrade your gadgets to smart devices so you can keep a check on all of them from your smartphone or tablet. Check your phone to make sure you switch off devices you don’t need when you’re not around. This means you no longer have to fear burning up your house with that hair straightening iron you might have left on. Like this story? Also read: 5-Star Split Air Conditioners, So That You Don’t Have to Sweat It Out Over Electricity Bills