Does the very thought of transferring files from a PC or any other device to a Apple iPad or an iPhone give you nightmares? We've sure slept many sleepless nights with that thought but Sandisk has come up with a remedy and we love it. The product is called the Sandisk iXpand Flash drive and it lets you do magical things with your iDevice. The device is simple, it features a USB port on one end and a lightning port to its hook like other end. Now for a moment image the following scenario. You have a huge collection of images of your pet cat on your PC, however they are in danger of being wiped out completely because you've started hearing funny noises emanating from the hard disk drive. Since you own a 256GB iPad, it only makes sense to you that you transfer the rough 28GB of pictures from your PC to it. Simple right? Not really. Also Read: The Best Storage Devices For Every Need Because a normal USB stick won’t be able to connect to an iPad. You could probably copy the images to a standard USB stick and transfer it to a MacBook Pro or a Macbook and import it to iTunes and then transfer it to the iPad or even Airdrop it from your Macbook to your iPad. But the slight problem here is that you don’t own a MacBook. Is there a second option here? You could try and upload the images to your Google Drive and then access it from your iPad. Finally you can sync it via iTunes to your iPad. Problem solved. But what if you are at a friend’s place and you need to copy a few movies, few gigabytes of music and a few gigs of images from your recent road trip? From his PC or Mac? Drumroll please! sandisk Here is where the SanDisk iXpand comes in super handy. The drive sports a flexible Lightning connector and a USB 3.0 connector to plug into your Mac or PC. Connect it to any and transfer the content to or from it and the using the lightning port on the other end of the drive, from or to a iPad or iPhone! But that's not the only thing it is meant for. The iXpand Flash drive lets you free up space on your iPad / iPhone and it even automatically creates a backup of your camera roll. The interface of the iXpand app is simply amazing as it is one of the most intuitive apps I have worked with. You can watch movies in most popular formats and the drive features encryption software that lets you password-protect files, which lets you share sensitive content in the most secure manner. You can offload a massive share of the content you have stored on your iPad or iPhone to the iXpand Flash drive and free up space on your iDevice as the iXpand is available up to 256GB variant. To conclude this is one product that is absolutely stress free to work with and in today’s age where space is such an issue, it provides a very handy solution. Two thumbs all the way up for this one! Cover Image via; image via