Samsung is a name every Indian is familiar with and right since they made a splash in India with their colourful and cute Corby devices, Samsung smartphones have always been in great demand in the country. They stole Nokia’s limelight and steadily rose through the ranks to become one of the most trusted brands in the country. For over 5 years now, Samsung has held the top position in India and they have let nothing stand in their path to success. Sure, they recently met with one of the worst disasters in smartphone history when they had to officially recall and then kill the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 line but that has definitely not stopped them and they continue to plow ahead with their launches in the country. Being one of the most trusted brands, Samsung has something for everyone in this country and whether you want a phone in less than Rs 10,000 or over Rs 50,000, there’s a Samsung phone for you.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB
Since the demise of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this is one of the strongest flagship phones in the Samsung portfolio. Taking the Edge series forward, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with Android Marshmallow, all set to get the Android Nougat upgrade soon. The phone comes with a QuadHD display and as always, the best part about the device is its curved edges. The octa-core processor is supported by a 32GB internal memory and 4 GB RAM. The phone also supports memory card expansion. The rear camera is a 12 MP shooter and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge houses a 5 MP snapper on the front of the device. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the classiest phones in the market and your best bet for a premium Samsung device over Rs 50,000.
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB
Coming to the first flagship Samsung phone of 2016, say hello to Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung Galaxy S series devices generally lead the way for the other brands to try and emulate the features in lower priced devices and it is the same with Samsung Galaxy S7. Running Android Marshmallow with the TouchWiz skin on top, Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with an AMOLED Quad HD display. The phone runs a quad-core Snapdragon processor under the hood. The phone is completely water resistant and comes with 32GB internal memory which is further expandable using a MicroSD card slot. Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with 4 GB RAM. There’s a 12 MP rear end camera and 5MP front end camera.
Samsung A9 Pro Dual SIM/4G
Samsung A9 Pro Dual SIM4G 32 GB
If you’re looking for a premium smartphone but quite not the flagship then Samsung A9 Pro is the right option for you. As the name suggests, the phone is a dual SIM device and runs Android Marshmallow. The phone is a proper phablet as it comes with a large 6-inch display. The display is a full HD display. The phone is powered by an octa-core processor and it comes with 32 GB internal memory. There is no other memory variant but you do get an expandable memory card slot which supports expansion up to 256 GB. The RAM is 4 GB. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro comes with a 16 MP rear end camera and 8 MP front camera. However, the most important feature of this phone is the battery. Samsung A9 Pro comes with a massive 5000 mAh battery. The phone is priced in the Rs 30,000-Rs 35,000 range in India.
Samsung Galaxy A8 A800F
Samsung Galaxy A8 A800F 32GB
While Samsung tends to focus more on the high end and the low end, when it comes to the mid-range segment, there’s not too much competition. Samsung Galaxy A8 A800F and Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) are the two best devices in this range. But a better camera and internal memory make the Samsung Galaxy A8 a cheaper phone, yet the winner. Being in the relatively lower segment, Samsung Galaxy A8 runs the older Android Lollipop version but unlike cheaper devices, it is not a plastic phone and comes in a sleek metal body. The internal memory is 32 GB which is further expandable and the RAM is 2 GB. The phone comes with a full HD display. The device comes with a 16 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera with wide-angle selfie lens. It supports 4G and is priced in the below Rs 25,000 segment in India.
Samsung Galaxy A5 A500H
Samsung Galaxy A5 A500H 16GB
In the slightly higher budget range, Samsung Galaxy A5 A500H is a simple yet a powerful phone. The phone comes with a 720p display and runs the older Android KitKat version out of the box. However, the newer Lollipop version is available as an upgrade. The phone comes with a 720p display and a 1.2 GHz processor. The internal memory is 16 GB which is further expandable and the phone comes with 2 GB RAM. Samsung Galaxy A5 comes with a 13 MP rear end camera with LED flash and a 5 MP front selfie camera. The phone is a dual SIM device and aimed at people who are extremely budget conscious and yet, looking to gain something from their device. The phone is priced just over Rs 15,000 in India.
Samsung Galaxy On5
Samsung Galaxy On5 4G Dual Sim 8GB
One of Samsung’s latest and most budget launches, Samsung Galaxy On5 is targeted at the extremely price sensitive Indian who is completely hooked on to the 4G craze and is seeking a 4G device in the budget segment. Samsung Galaxy On5, unlike other budget devices, runs the slightly better Android Lollipop version and is a dual SIM device. The phone comes with a quad-core processor and 8 GB internal memory. The RAM is 1.5 GB. The 720p 5-inch display provides good quality for viewing media files as well as reading. Samsung Galaxy On5 comes with an 8 MP rear end camera and 5 MP front camera. The phone comes in multiple shades. The phone is priced below Rs 10,000 in India.
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace One of the most budget smartphones, this is almost an entry level device. It is great for a first Android experience or as a secondary phone. The Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace focuses on the basics and there are no frills to this device. It runs Android KitKat and comes with a display resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The display size is 4 inches. Under the hood it runs a 1.3 GHz dual core processor. The phone comes with 4 GB internal memory and 512 MB RAM. The rear end camera is a 5 MP snapper and the front end selfie camera is a basic 2 MP camera. Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace is priced just over Rs 5000 in India and is a completely entry-level device. Cover Image via

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