Explosions are cool, especially and precisely when they happen in movies. We aren’t fans of things exploding in real life. However, the Samsung Note 7 somehow manages to do just that and it breaks our heart. Thankfully, none of the affected products have reached Indian shores and Samsung has recalled all shipments. So we await the new and improved phones that'll hit the market soon. Here's all you need to know about the next big thing. To begin with, the Samsung Note 7 is probably the most feature-packed Android smartphone at the moment. Take a moment to gawk at that 5.7in 2K screen that packs in 1440 x 2560 pixels (518 ppi). The imagery might be too vibrant for some, however you simply cannot deny the amount of detail the Note 7 manages to pull off. Colours pop at you as you game a session of CSR 2 or indulge in a FullHD movie. Oh, and this phone can handle HDR videos too, neat? Screen quality is not the only area where the Note 7 excels, there is a long list of it.

Iris Scanner

samsung galaxy note 7 iris scanner The Note 7’s latest and most talked about feature probably is its Iris scanner. Which works perfectly well, once you set it up. While it is a cool way to unlock your smartphone, it is not as fast as unlocking your device via fingerprint scanning. Meaning, you need to not only wake the phone up but also place it at the right distance in front of your face for it to work / unlock. Which is why the Iris scanner does not get our brownie points. Also Read: Phone-lympics: All-stars of the Smartphone World

S Pen

samsung galaxy note 7 s pen While the Note 7 failed to impress us with its Iris scanner, it yet again manages to get two thumbs all the way up for its S Pen. You really, and we mean really can get a lot done with it. And this time, you can even do it underwater. Since both the phone and the S Pen can work perfectly well, submerged in about 5 feet of it. We gave it a shot, and thankfully the Note 7 did not die on us. The S Pen is a great tool for novices and experts alike, for example you can use to make notes on images, or simply jot something down. You could even hover the tip over a foreign language word, during your next visit to Spain and magically watch it get translated to English. Professionals can use it to draw better, thanks to a more precise tip which now and has over 4096 levels of pressure.


samsung galaxy note 7 camera Another area where the Note 7 absolutely destroys competition. We were able to shoot mind-boggling good macro shots, crisp daylight shots and moody low-light shots with starry-eyed bokeh. This 12MP camera is a delight to work with thanks to its snappy interface and gorgeous image quality.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ticks pretty much every line of your wish list when it comes to smartphones. It's 3500mAh battery chugs along all day long as you work, play and take crisp shots from its superb 12MP camera on the rear. The S Pen really boosts productivity and overall the phone is beautifully built, you will find it hard to put down. Update (12 Oct, 2016): Unfortunately, because of the battery defects, Samsung will permanently discontinue production and sales of the Note 7 worldwide. Note 7, you were a truly great phone despite your tendency to blow up  and we bid you farewell (from a safe distance). Cover Image via mshcdn.com; Images via androidcentral.com, aolcdn.com, pocket-lint.com