The idea of owning something new is exciting, but the wait that comes with shopping online can deter your spirit. That’s why Samsung brings you these new devices that you can purchase for your home now and get it delivered within 24 hours while you’re still eager about it. Here are a few items you can check out from your Samsung wish list.
Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC White
Samsung 15 Ton 3 Star AR18JC3UFUQ Split AC
This 1.5-ton AC is ideal for an average-sized room. It has a smart swing function that allows cool air to flow evenly around your room. It has a 3-star rating that further helps you save a few bucks on your electricity bills too.
Samsung 6kg Washing Machine
Samsung 6Kg WF602B2BHSD Washing Machine
Upgrade your washing machine to a fully automatic front load washing machine that's equipped with eco bubble technology., that helps remove stubborn stains and dirt. This gadget has a ceramic heater that reduces calcium build-up and enhances the heating ability. It also has a diamond drum tub that makes sure there is no detergent or dirt residue left in the machine.
Samsung (49") Smart UHD 4K LED TV
Samsung 49KU6570 123 cm 49 inches Smart UHD 4K LED TV
We live in times where gadgets are getting smarter. Owning a basic TV is hardly of any use these days since a smart TV has a tonne of features that give your TV viewing experience a new definition. Connect to your Wi-Fi and use it for browsing and more. Access Netflix and YouTube on your large screen. This model is a 49-inch 4K LED so you can enjoy crisp and clear visuals on a large screen.
Samsung 321L Double Door Refrigerator
Samsung RT34K3723BSHL 321L Double Door Refrigerator
A good refrigerator is a vital gadget in your home, especially when we have summers that soar to 40 degrees. Keep your food fresh and beverages cool with this fridge’s cooling features. It has a moisture cooling function too that retains moisture and keeps your food from getting stale. It has spacious shelves and a push button to make ice cubes. The 3-star rating is an added benefit to help save energy while this gadget runs all day efficiently.
Samsung 591L Side by Side Refrigerator
Samsung RS552NRUA7E 591L Side by Side Refrigerator
Side by Side refrigerators not only look like a modern addition to your home but it is also designed in a way to make the most of the space inside. It has well-organized storage shelves for vegetables and fruits, food, cold cuts, bottles and more. It has a system to maintain humidity and temperature levels as per your preference. It has a twin cooling technology and toughened glass shelves. It also has a door alarm to avoid leaving the doors open which results in loss of cooling. Like this story, also read: Kitchen Appliances for People Who Never Have Enough Time to Cook Cover Image Courtesy:

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