Samsung has had its fair share of Oscar moments through the years. Last year they put celebrities like Lil Wayne, Wesley Snipes, Doc Rivers, James Harden, and William H. Macy in their ad commercial, and the year before that there was Ellen DeGeneres’ Samsung selfie that went viral. But there’s something that particularly appealed to the audience this year and that was Samsung’s 60 second film titled "Samsung Galaxy: The Rest of Us", that addresses us, the “the creators of this generation”. The video feature the infamous vlogger/not an apple fanboy Casey Neistat, who took on Apple with a film in 2003 that exposed "iPod’s Dirty Secret". Samsung’s film features Neistat introducing the “rest of us” to the establishment as people who like to create because they love to and not because they have to. Over a compilation of internet videos that include skateboarding stunts, gym selfies, make up tutorials and a bunch of other interesting video feed narrates Samsung’s theme for its users “do what you can’t”. He says, "We don’t have big awards shows or fancy cameras, but what we do have are our phones” and more importantly ideas that we need to share. And in the end what matters is what we make, even if it is on our smartphones. The ad was itself shot with a combination of fancy cameras (Samsung Gear 360, 35 mm and Canon 5D) and smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge). With this new ad commercial that featured at the Oscars 2017, Samsung aims to reinforce the role of our technology and on regaining consumer’s trust after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle. This ad is like a creative stage to declare itself as a brand of the people, specifically the doers of our generation who will go out and make things happen.

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