Earlier this year at CES 2016, apart from the drones, VR, TVs and other big launches that stole the limelight, there was one product that caught our attention. It is one that silently (well mostly) sits in your home and makes sure when that hunger pang hits, there is food ready for you to consume.

Yes, we are talking about the humble refrigerator and at CES 2016 we saw one that blew our mind. Say hello to the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. Think of it as your personal assistant in the fridge form, because this new product is capable enough to multi-task, keep connected with you via your smartphone or tablet, organize groceries and home tasks and keep you entertained.

For starters, you are welcomed with a 21.5 inch Full HD LCD screen that is your go-to place for controlling what goes on inside the fridge and with the food. Think of it as the refrigerator’s digital family command center, using the screen you can post, share and update calendars, even pin photos or leave notes.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

One of the coolest things about the new Family Hub fridge is the path-breaking  inclusion of three high quality cameras inside the fridge that capture an image every time the door closes. You can then access those images anytime using your smartphone and take a peek inside your fridge. This truly helps when say for example you’re at a store and being the forgetful types you can’t recollect what’s inside the fridge to keep the guests entertained for dinner. Now you can simply flip out your smartphone, open the Samsung Smart Home app, take a peek right inside your fridge and save the day.

Talking of entertainment, this fridge lets you stream music from your smartphone or tablet and play it through its built-in speaker. Need to binge on another rerun of Game of Thrones, no problem. You can now even enjoy your favorite television programs right on the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator screen using screen mirroring with your Samsung Smart TV.

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator  also features FlexZone, a feature that transforms from fridge to freezer to meet your food storage needs, to keeping food fresher, longer with its Triple and Metal Cooling system. Just when you thought fridges couldn’t get any interesting, Samsung drops this and changes the game all over again.

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Cover Image via engadgetImage via samsung