The first step to getting married is getting past the wedding frenzy. The next and the most important part is to set up a home together. It’s true that all you need is love to get on but you’ll also need a whole lot of household items to get through every day with a little ease. Here’s a walk through each of the rooms in your new house with an essential checklist of all the things newly weds will need to stock up on. Good thing is that your married life syncs with the TataCLiQ sale that offers you all your home essentials at a great discount.

Living room

TV: A good entertainment system, like a TV is a must in your living room. If you’re a couple who has cut cords, then go for a smart TV, so that you can stream your favourite shows and movies directly onto your big screen.
LG 43UJ652T 108cm 43 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Black  
Home theatre system: Boost your entertainment system with a powerful home theatre. A home theatre setup with great amplifiers and surround sound will uplift your movie experience and will make for a good reason to spend more time together, watching films.
SONY BDV-E3200 Home Theatre Black  


Microwave: A microwave is a one stop appliance for all your cooking needs. You can use it to thaw frozen food, reheat meals, cook food, grill and bake too. Both of you can use this appliance to ease your way in the kitchen, whether you know to cook or not.
Samsung MC28H5145VK 28L Convection Microwave Oven Black
Also Read: Microwave Mug Meals for Breakfast on The Go   Refrigerator: Unless you plan to cook every single meal right before you eat, you will need a refrigerator to store and keep your food fresh, especially in a hot country like ours.
LG GLI322RSAY 308L 3 Star Refrigerator Scarlet Aster  
Water purifier: Using a tap filter or boiling water is not enough to eliminate all the contaminants in it. Your best bet to safe drinking water is a water puffier, so that you both can live the rest of your days healthy and happy.
Kent Grand Plus 8L UV RO UF Water Purifier White  


AC: Your high chemistry will not just heat things up between you too but will heat up the bedroom too. Cool it down with a good air conditioner. Croma 10 ton CRAC7507 5 Star Split AC Copper White
Air Purifier: Air purifiers have become the need of the hour. Ensure the safety of your new family from dust and harmful airborne diseases by keeping an air purifier at hand.
Honeywell Air Touch A5 53 W Air Purifier Champagne Gold
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