Violence against women has become a grave cause of concern around the globe. From domestic abuse to being attacked out in the open, there’s been a recurring brutality against women, which has jeopardised their basic right to safety. Even so, women still have to walk out and go about with their everyday tasks. Having a safety net acts as some means of relief. This International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women, let’s make an effort to ensure our own safety. There are many smartphone apps that try to be that buffer in this big bad world. Here are 6 safety apps for women.
ifollow This app has won the Nasscom AppFame AWARD for ladies’ safety. Once you fill in all the essential data, including details of three emergency contact, the app works silently on your phone as a background app. In case of an emergency, all you have to do is shake your smartphone thrice within five seconds and it will automatically voice call your first emergency contact. If that goes unanswered, it will call your second and then third contact. If all three go unattended, it will send an SMS to all your emergency contacts and give them your geo location. Download: For Android, For iOS
My Safetipin
safetipin This app acts like your safety companion. It constantly tracks your location and alerts you if you walk into an unsafe area. Once you get the alert, you can choose to invite friends and family to track you. You will also be given directions to the safest route out of that area along with alternate routes and it will constantly guide you till you reach a safe destination. It also gives you a safety score of different localities so you can pick a safe one when you’re looking for a change of home or traveling to that destination. Download: For Android, For iOS
himmat This safety app is recommended by the Delhi Police. You have to first register at the Delhi Police website and complete the application configuration. In an emergency situation, you can raise an SOS altert from the app which will then send your location and audio-video to the Delhi Police control room. They will then send the nearest police help to the user immediately. Download: For Android, For iOS
Smart24x7 This app is supported by the Police Department in several States including Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Jammu, Mohali and the Fire Services in Lucknow and Noida. The idea is to turn old cities into Smart Cities by providing them easy access to security. A user has to just hit the panic button and request for either the police, hospital or fire service. It also has the option to send an SOS to emergency contacts. Additionally, it has the Fake Call feature too to get you out of a sticky situation. Download: For Android, For iOS
bSafe This app lets you create your own personal safety network of family, friends and co-workers.  You can share your location with people so that they can trace you when you’re feeling unsafe. It also has a Follow Me feature that works on GPS and helps people keep track of you constantly. There’s also a Timer Mode that triggers an alarm automatically if you’ve not checked in at your destination at that time. Another feature, the I’m Here feature tells your chosen few people where you are. This app also has a Fake Call feature to get you out of a difficult situation. The Guardian Alert button on this app will immediately notify your emergency contacts that you need help and will send your location and a video of what’s happening. Download: For Android, For iOS Images via google play