The coming of winter here in India brings in a lot of hope for outdoor training. It also happens to be the beginning of the marathon season; and without the scorching sun, makes it the ideal time to up your running game. So, whatever are your running goals this time, gear yourself up with a bunch of running apps that will not only help improve your run but will also motivate you so that you can hit that extra mile.
miCoach by Adidas
micoach This app by Adidas makes sure your workout remains fresh by offering you custom plans for the activity you choose. This way your body is constantly challenged to be pushed at every step. It also lets you pick between cardio strength and flexibility programs. The best part about this app is that it uses real-time voice coaching when you plug in your earphones to guide you personally. Also, after every workout you can track your progress and get coaching feedback too. Download: Android, iOS
SmartRunner Are you on a weight loss mission, swearing to yourself that you will burn at least 500 calories each day? Then this app is perfect for you. Just log in how many calories you wish to burn and it will tailor your workouts by setting the time, distance and pace you need to run at. It then monitors your progress through GPS thus making sure you achieve your goals. Download: Android, iOS
Strava Can running alone push you enough to hit beyond your limit? You can cheat on your goals and it wouldn’t even matter but this won’t happen when you’re part of a community. Strava brings to you that communal running experience. It lets you record your scores and then compare performance and even compete with other community members. Being part of this group, you can share stories, tip and highlights with your friends and strangers too. Download: Android, iOS
MapMyRun Quite a popular app among runners, MapMyRun makes it easier to navigate your running routes, especially if you live in crowded cities like ours. It lets you create and then stores routes for future runs. It also shows you routes generated by other runners that might prove to be beneficial to you. This app is also great if you’re new to a city and don’t want to waste time experimenting with new roads. Download: Android, iOS Also Read: Best Running Shoes for Every Type of Feet, According to a Doctor
Nike+ Run Club
nike+ Described as an app for runners by runners, the Nike+ Run Club surrounds you with millions of fellow runner and expert guidance that will help you reach your running goals. It lets you track and store your records, offers you personalized plans to adapt to your schedule and lets you connect and compete with your friends and other runners. Think of it as a social network of runners where all of you share the same passion. Download: Android, iOS
 To maximize your running goals you can also opt for a fitness trackers and smart watches.
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