Oh, Instagram. What would we do without you. Just like Yoda is to the Star World franchise, Instagram is the guiding force of the fashion world. From everyday style to high fashion inspiration, the social media platform is a veritable fount of info and cues. Before fashion magazines tell you what's trending next, here's what the Instagram stars are channeling. Take cues and get on the bandwagon to stay ahead of the curve.

One Shoulder

Cold shoulders are so passe. Fashion It girls have already moved to this of-the-moment trend. Works best when clubbed with other micro trends like ruffles and florals.

Corset styles

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As always, the Kardashian-Jenners are responsible for putting this trend on the map. Corset styles are everywhere - from belts to shoes to skirts. Goes without saying how flattering this can be.

Soft Ruffles

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Giving up on last season's tailored styles for these soft feminine ruffles seems like the perfect way to welcome the summer sun. Take your pick from subtle ruffles to exaggerated ones depending on your comfort levels with this trend.

Tie-up Shoes

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Blame it on Rihanna's Fenty collection, but shoe laces are on their way out and tie-up bows are in. This little detail is an instant way to uplift your everyday outfit.

Wrap Tops and Statement Sleeves

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What happens when two versatile and flattering styles come together? You have an outfit that's Instagram worthy yet oh-so-comfortable. Pair this statement top with your regular pair of jeans on days you want to look effortlessly put together.

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