If you had any plans for the weekend, go ahead and cancel them, because the most regal TV series has returned with its second season. The Crown is Netflix’ most ambitious period drama, and won over thousands of viewers worldwide in its first season. Now that it has returned, brace yourself for some more tiaras, romance and rivalries. But that’s not all you can count on if you’re obsessed with kings, queens and other aristocrats. Once you binge watch The Crown, which is set to release on December 8 (that's tomorrow!),  add these royal TV shows to your watch list.


This historical drama brings together fact and fiction vividly to narrate the story of the rise of Mary, Queen of Scots. The show gets the costumes and sets right to capture the life of Scotland's 16th century queen, but when it comes to the plot it's equal parts Game of Thrones and Gossip Girl, making it a very dramatic series. Available on: Netflix Also Read: 9 Winter Movies to Stream on Your Big Screen When It’s Too Cold to Go Outside

The Tudors

The Tudors is a real gem among TV shows that are based on the lives of Europe's monarchs. The series brings to the viewer the story England’s King Henry VIII. It captures his life, right from his first marriage to his sixth, his conflict with the Catholic Church and of course, all the beheading that went on in-between. Available on: Netflix

Downton Abbey

Easily one of TV's most popular shows, Downton Abbey accurately captures the life of a wealthy aristocratic family living in the early 20th century. The story revolves around the Crawley family and the many quirks that made up British high society just before and after World War I. Available on: Prime Videos


Changing pace, here's a look at life in France's royal court. The show is set in the Paris of 1667, where King Louis XIV decides to build the greatest palace in the world for himself. This series brings the making of the incredibly beautiful Palace of Versailles come alive with great sets, costumes and soap opera-like drama, giving you a glimpse into a sort of historic fantasyland. Available on: Netflix Also Read: Vanity Fair: Flats To Party In, For Girls Who Hate Heels

The Royals

Enough about shows based on real life royals—this one is about a fictional royal family, set in present day London. Starring Elizabeth Hurley, among others, the American show revolves around the royal family's indulgent lifestyle, for which they must pay the price of duty and living life in the public eye. The show has been picked up for a fourth season. Available on: Prime Videos

Empresses in the Palace

Released in 2011, this regal show is exotically set in China. Chronicling the workings of the royal harem in 1722, the show revolves around the women there who struggled to gain power and the king’s favour, resorting to betrayal, treachery and torment. Available on: Netflix Enjoy these regal shows on your Smart TV— and should you not have one, just use a Chromecast or the Fire Stick to stream them.

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