What you surround yourself with, more often than not, is what you are made of. Everything from your colour preference to your quirks when it comes to your room define your personal style. Whether you're all about monochrome and love crisp white bed linen or you have fairy lights dangling from your bedpost along with loads of dreamcatchers for company;  there's a lot that can be decoded from the way you decorate your personal space. We've decoded five such moods for you so you can get inspired and discover your own edge viz a viz to room decor and your sartorial choices.

The Eternal Gypsy

Do you find yourself falling for paisley prints, feathered accents and flared silhouettes? If your room looks like Janis Joplin's shrine, then you're truly a Woodstock child!  Your it-outfit: A flared white off-shoulder maxi  Your it-colour: Teal  Your it-accessory: Textile rugs

The Minimalist

If less is more is your mantra, you're most likely to keep your room clutter-free, much like your outfit choices. Keeping it simple is your thing and statement pieces is what your wardrobe consists of, just like your home. Your it-outfit: A tailored three piece suit Your it-colour: Grey Your it-accessory: A glass and filament light fixture

The Old World Charmer

You're all about collecting things that remind you of the bygone era. Sifting through endless flea markets, garage sales and pawn shops, you're most likely to emerge with relics that no one else would spot and find value in. Your wardrobe consists of your mother's first fur coat that you've tastefully restored or an heirloom piece passed on by your great grandmother that you've interpreted in your own way.  Your it-outfit: A ruffled blouse Your it-colour: Brown tones  Your it-accessory: A restored crystal chandelier

The Carefree Soul

Unpacking after being away with the kids 😩😩 SO much stuff #messyroom #travellingwithkids A photo posted by Luisa Collins (Zissman) (@luisazissman) on
Not a care in the world, you're someone who thrives in a structured mess and like things kept your way. You are most likely to experiment with your wardrobe choices and love a mix and match combo that is daring and unconventional. You have absolutely no time to waste and are a jetsetter, always on the move. Your it-outfit: A printed jumpuit. Your it-colour: Blue Your it-accessory: Funky wallpapers/ framed posters

The Fancy One

The Devil might wear Prada, but you wear the latest off the runways in style. You are quite the fashion icon, setting trends when it comes to your crisp outfit or even your home interiors with collector's edition art on your walls and insignia towels from Fendi in your bathroom. Your it-outfit: A pearl textured white shift dress Your it-colour: White Your it-accessory: Diptyque candles