While the Roli Seaboard Rise has completely blown our minds, Roli thought it would be a good idea to introduce something that stuns us all over again.

Block Rockin Beats!

Say hello to the new Roli Blocks, a super creative tool that lets you shape music in ways you have never imagined before. It is just as powerful and expressive as a Seaboard, but much smaller, more portable, and extremely intuitive. What's more? It costs only $179.

Make some Noise

Think of it as a modular music studio that lets you create and enjoy music via the individual blocks. Each of the individual Block offers unique capabilities for shaping music, and you connect the Blocks together to create customizable kits that suit any budget, skill level, or a preferred musical style. At the center of it all is the Lightpad Block, which is a playable surface that responds to all the dimensions of touch, reminiscent to the Seaboard. Glowing grids guide you to find notes, make beats, and play melodies. The best bit is that you get to build your instrument as you go, adding more Blocks to do more things, ramp up the creativity level, geddit?. The whole system is powered by Noise, which is Roli’s free app for iPhones and iPads. One of the things that makes Blocks special is that it can not only be used by pro musicians but also by amateurs. The learning curve is short and you can scale heights depending on your creativity. Pro musicians can shape sound in new ways, and total beginners can learn music on its glowing, intuitive interfaces. The Roli Blocks will be up for grabs at Apple Stores around the world by the time you read this and you can even take a closer look at Roli.com. We will get our hands on this amazingly creative tool soon and that's when you will get to read a full review. Keep your eyes peeled for that. Cover Image via cloudfront.net