We might not be too far from a Jetsons-like era. We’re already there with our drones and smartwatches, and now we can finally have our hands over the best of their technology—robots! Maybe not the real Rosie the robot, but something close, something that’s robotic enough and cleans up after you. Also Read: Live Like the Jetsons: 6 Gadgets That Will Turn Your Home into A Smart Home Robot vacuum cleaners are a result of intelligent technology. They have been making their way around modern home (quite literally) for some time now. Which makes us wonder, why are the rest of us still breaking our backs and tiring ourselves with a traditional vacuum cleaners when we could be relying on this automated home cleaning device.

How do robotic vacuum cleaners work?

robot vacuum cleaner These robotic suckers are packed in with sensors that detect and measure the room around them. Based on this information, they sweep through the room, cleaning the dust from the floor, and in and around corners. The sensors protect them from bumping into things or falling off edges. Most of them can travel across a range of surfaces, including tiled floors, wooden floors, carpets, rugs etc. They also come with UV protection that helps eliminate germs. These robot vacuum cleaners are operated with a remote control. You can also programme a schedule for it to clean certain rooms at certain times when no one is around to be disturbed by it. The machine does its job and goes back to its docking spot once it’s done cleaning or if its running out of power. Also Read: TV Shows You Have to Watch on Your Smart TV

What makes a robot vacuum cleaner superior to the traditional one?

robot vacuum cleaner 3 The easy functioning of this robot vacuum cleaner makes it more than clear why this is such a handy gadget to have around. Here’s how all that benefits you:
  • It’s great for people who have no time to get on with vacuuming the house every other day. Use the robot vacuum cleaner to get your chore done while you run off to work.
  • It is also a boon for people with mobility issues. If you have a stubborn back or are too old for the bending and sweeping routine, this automatic cleaning machine can take over your house while you sit aside and control it.
  • Traditional vacuum cleaners can only clean up the dust and dirt but robotic cleaners contain a built-in UV sterilisation lamp that uses ultraviolet radiation to kill bacteria, microorganism and other allergens that lurk on your dirty floors.
  • Most of these robot vacuum cleaners are compact in size and don’t need a lot of storage space unlike the old-school, big-boned ones.
  • Because of its compact size, you can use it to reach under furniture, which was otherwise difficult to get to with the traditional vacuum cleaner.
  robot vacuum cleaner 4 Also Read: Yami Gautam’s Style: 10 Pieces You Can Afford   The robot vacuum cleaner does not just come in the floor cleaning variety but also has other types like the window cleaner and pool cleaner. Their functioning might differ, but the concept is the same, you get to sit back and relax while this machine completes your chores for you. Cover Image and Images Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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