When it comes to technology for children, companion robots are the big thing right now in technology. These companions for children are much more than playthings – they bring in a whole new dimension to how a child spends their time. Emotix, a Mumbai-based robotics startup, has one of the best offerings in this area with the Miko 2. A successor to their original companion robot Miko, the Miko 2 comes with a host of new features and capabilities that takes a child’s playtime to a different level. Here are some of the most impressive things it can pull off:

Emotional Intelligence

Perhaps the most significant thing that the Miko 2 can do is understand the moods of a child that it interacts with. It uses the onboard camera and microphones and processes every input to perceive and respond with appropriate emotion.

Multimedia content

Beyond just talking to the child, Miko can also play exciting games and narrate stories that are stored onboard. They are accessed using the buttons onboard or with voice commands.

Parental controls

The parental dashboard for the Miko 2 has been enhanced to give a comprehensive picture of how the child is using the companion robot. From time allocation to average session duration, parents can tweak their kids’ experience with Miko 2 as they desire.


This is perhaps the most important feature for every parent who must spend time away from their child. The front camera and remote controls on the Miko app allow a parent to connect with their child using a video call and they can also move Miko 2 around with remote controls.


Security is of the utmost concern when a child has access to any connected device. All data pertaining to the child is completely encrypted and protected onboard and is owned entirely by the parents.

Better listening

With dual active noise cancellation microphones onboard, Miko 2 can hear your child even with background noise. Using beamforming, it can even catch your child’s words from far away and turn to face them for a conversation.

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Image Courtesy: Shutterstock