Seven months, six trips and hours of lugging around a backpack taught me two things – you’ll never need all the clothes you end up carrying and technology can be your best travel buddy if you use it well. From GPSing my way across state borders to keeping the music going, I’ve learnt that stocking up the right gadgets in your backpack is the most important part of the travel life.

Power Bank
Ambrane PP-2000 PLUSH 20000mAh Polymer Battery Power Bank

Never get stranded without power

Are you prepared for the outdoors?

Are you prepared for the outdoors?

A power bank is super useful when you’re camping or trekking since you won’t have access to a charging point. It will also prove handy when your phone doesn’t have a large capacity battery, like mine, and ends up using half the power just clicking pictures. Carrying a large 20000mAh power bank is a must since it will not only power your phone but also your whole squad’s phones since nobody else remembers to carry one of these #truestory.

Car charging kit
Nextech USB6K 2-in-1 Car Charging Kit with Charge Cable

When you’re on the road

GPSing the route ahead.

GPSing the route ahead

When you’re on the road driving across states, your best source of power will be the car charging station. This is especially useful when you’re the one mapping your roads which means you’re losing battery by the kilometre. You could use a power bank too but won’t you rather save it for a different emergency like in case the car breaks down and you don’t have access to the car charging station.

Universal travel adapter
CyberPower TR01WSUA0-UN Universal Travel Adapter

Because not all charging points will be the same

What kind of charging points lie ahead?

What kind of charging points lie ahead?

Between hotel hopping and travelling out of the country, I have realised that I cannot always count on my phone’s original adapter. It maybe the best one for my phone but it isn’t the best fit with every charging point I came across. Having a universal travel adapter is particularly useful since it is compatible with multiple plug configuration. With this around, you’ll never have a problem plugging in your phone or hair straightener.

Selfie stick
Stuffcool SHSS-BLK Selfie Stick

Group trip staple

On the road selfie.

On the road selfie

On an all girls trip (6 of us to be precise), we thought we could do without a selfie stick. But after miserably failing at getting a decent group pic, we caved in and bought one. The rest of our trip is one big group album with the whole squad posing together at every stop.

Bluetooth speaker
FD CHRONOS Bluetooth Speaker

Take your music wherever you go

Bonding over music.

Bonding over music

I keep my compact Bluetooth speaker in my travel pack. So, every time the group’s lazing by the lake or spending the evening on a far-off hilltop, we have something to keep us entertained and also something to break the ice between fellow travellers.

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