Ah, the humble skinny jeans. It has served us well for years but now, like you did with your first love, it's time to move on. While this fits-like-a-glove-on-every-body-type staple has been an answer to all our wardrobe woes, the time has come to retire them for something more (tbh) comfortable. Even science thinks so. Far be it for us to take our style directives from studies, but nerve damage is a big price to pay for fashion. So the question is - what (if there is any) is a worthy substitute to this go-to? Fashion experts suggest you try out one of these styles.

Straight Cut, Mid-Rise

mid straight The OG denim must-have, this style flatters every body type and in every season. Test it through hell, high waters and Donald Trump's presidency and you'll find that, like the Taylor Swift song, they never go out of style.

Flared and Cropped

Crop flare All the IT girls and their pumped up kicks swear by this style, mostly because it gives them a chance to show off their enviable sneakers and ankle boots collection. Get this pair now if you're looking for yet another reason to blow off your paycheck while you can.

Slouchy Boyfriend Jeans

Slouchy Boyfriend The lazy girl's arsenal should always have a good ol' pair of boyfriend jeans stowed away. The next best thing to walking out in your PJs, a slouchy, lived-in pair of jeans provides the same comfort level. Pair it with an off-shoulder top or throw on a blazer to look like you put in some effort (when you really didn't). Get your jeans fix here.