Recently, when Blackberry broke the news of discontinuing its Classic phone, it pained me as much as it would to see my childhood sweetheart go on a date with my arch rival; no kidding there! Yes, we all love the quintessential bad boy (read: smartphones and the likes), but who doesn’t fancy a long-standing relationship (the bulkier Blackberry classics, in this case)? Now, there’s no stopping what is bound to go but we sure can celebrate classics for what they were! So, without further ado, let me tell you why I’d still trade my current phone for a Blackberry Classic.

Matters of Size

Honestly, when mobile companies claim their phones can be operated with one hand, they misguide you as bad as the size of a packet of Lays half-filled with air. The misleading is as bad as a GPS map that could show you your house in the middle of the sea, or not show it at all. I could go on and on! The point being, it is only a classic Blackberry that you can operate with one hand, while, probably console other mobile brands with the other. Now that self-esteem must be badly hurt. What’s more, one could even shove these phones in the pocket and not have them peek over or threaten to tumble out at any given opportunity.

QWERTY is the Lord

BlackBerry Classic We all know in our heart of hearts that nothing can compare to the pleasure of pushing into physical buttons when typing out a long message or an email. One could type into a Blackberry Classic with eyes shut and still not make messy typos. To speak the truth, the virtual keyboards of touchscreen smartphones suck out, I mean, ruin this very pleasure! (You see what the audacious autocorrect did there?)

That body though…

Now, after I gave my Blackberry a break and followed the herd into investing in another ‘smarter’ phone, I was in for a rude shock, to put things in the politest of ways. The body of my shiny new phone, that was plastic in the guise of metal, began to shed its sheen, exposing its rather ugly, plastic self in just a few months’ time. Well, as for my poor Blackberry Classic, it looks just the way it did when we first met!

Call logs that probably went as far back as 523 B.C

While I do love my smartphone; the bitter truth about them is that if, after a day full of tens and hundreds of calls, I try to go back to my log and find a random, unsaved number that gave me distress calls, I will have to let that person hit an iceberg and die, because my phone can only hold up 30 numbers at once. That never happened when I was on my Blackberry Classic. I could be looking for my kindergarten teacher’s number from a call she made 20 years ago and still find it. Well, maybe not 20 years; there is, by far, no phone today that can show me logs from my birthday last week like Blackberry would! Blackberry

Battery for a Long-Run

Now, when my Blackberry would notify me of a draining battery, I could simply smile and go back to winning at life. I knew it would live a few good double-digit minutes before giving up completely. As for the smartphones today, they show no grace or mercy, they simply... *DIE*. (Yes, they die before you can complete typing your SOS message!)

Made sure emails reached the inbox before the boss’s wrath

We all know what mails mean to the working class; fail to reply to an important mail in time and be sure your boss will serve you thorns for dessert at lunch. A predicament Blackberry Classic understood like no other. While my smartphone today waits like a Slow Loris for me to open the mail app before pouring in all my emails at once, Blackberry Classics were more than forthcoming. They notified users almost instantly about every mail that reached the inbox. Not to mention, when it came to deleting a mail, it demonstrated British-like courtesy, asking users whether they would like to delete the mail from just the handheld, the inbox or both. Aah, those were the days of privileges. Well, while I move on with a heavy heart; all I can say is rest in peace, dear Blackberry Classic! You will be remembered fondly. Also Read: Top 5 Big Battery Smartphones for Those Extended Pokémon Go Sessions