As a Rio Olympic special feature, we dedicate this article to SHOES, an Olympian’s best friend. And we're wondering what kind of run will you be taking up today? Because we have a thing or two to tell you about the running shoes you’ll need for it.

For a sprint

Sprint You can use a pair of sprinting shoes for everyday running as well as for short races. Since the main aim of a sprinter is to get from one point to the either with the least amount of struggle, one should be looking for lighter shoes that don’t feel bulk when you run. Look for sprint spikes, racing flats or light weight training shoes. Sample all of them to figure which one feels the most comfortable as this will impact your running performance.

For a marathon

Marathon Since marathoners run longer distances, one needs shoes that are super light. Along with that you need as much cushioning and support as possible. Light weight trainers are a great choice in this case as they are not only light on the feet but are also well-built in the heel and midsole which provides the runner support.

For a Triathlon

Triathlon A triathlon is a very intense activity with three forms of sports involved. After swimming and cycling, a triathlete has to take up a long run for which finding the perfect shoe is vital. One should be looking for shoes with special drainage systems and quick-lacing schemes that boost performance. Apart from that good cushioning and being light weight is also a must. Now that you've got your facts right, go get your shoes right too. Happy Running! Cover Image Courtesy:

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