‘Fashion is inspired by youth and nostalgia, and draws inspiration from the best of the past’ – Lana Del Rey.
Some define ‘Nostalgia’ as a ‘sentimental remembrance of the past, coloured with a slight tinge of melancholy’ and some call it a ‘fond reminiscence of happy bygones’. Either way, Google defines it as the leading trend in fashion for 2018, with the top fashion-related searches for the year being ‘90s, 80s and 00s fashion’. In spite of ‘change being the only constant’ in fashion; nostalgia has managed to make a lasting impression – even influencing other sub-cultures during the recent decade. Fashion is nothing, if not a reflection of time - and it is no surprise that nostalgic remembrances, aesthetics and influences are extremely popular. With this mammoth theme in mind, let’s explore the key trends in today’s era of nostalgic fashion!  

Old-World Charm - 50s & 60s

Tailored suits for men, tea-length pleated skirts, charming kitten heels, modish dresses à la Twiggy in the mid-60s and chic saddle bags – what’s not to love about the trends resurging from the charming old-world of the 50s and 60s! Many of the staples in workwear and everyday style today – the classic white shirt, double- and single-breasted blazers, polka-dot prints, calf-length dresses and dual-toned styles find their popular origins in the 50s and 60s. Styling cue: Put a modern-day spin to charming 50s styles by pairing a pleated skirt or a sharp blazer with a t-shirt and denim combo.

Dark Blooms – The 70s Gypsy Wave

Wispy floral sun-dresses, voluminous peasant sleeves, fluid silhouettes, maximalist Gucci-esque prints, high-waisted pants, bell-bottoms, ruffled details and maxi-dresses are some key 70s trends that are cruising the bohemian wave in today’s fashion trends.The 70s flower-child gets a new, seductive make-over in A/W 2019 – Dark blooms and florals. Interpreted in prints, lace and surface design; dark florals are making a significant comeback – with the boho 70s borrowing some of the grungy pizazz of the 90s! In-keeping with this trend, contrast piping and deep-toned colour-blocking for menswear, and boho-styles for women in deep-toned florals, are all the rage. Styling cue: Go for bold, jewel tones and maximalist prints with flair and volume to channel your inner flower-child.

Hella Retro – The Bold 80s

The 80s were radical and ground-breaking from societal, stylistic and cultural perspectives. As modern technology began to develop and change lives, more women joined the corporate work-force - giving birth to the term ‘Power dressing’. Bold and unencumbered, 80s fashion was heavily influenced by popular media and musical legends. Today, we still find ourselves enamoured by key 80s trends – neon hues, grungy leather jackets, blocky open-heel sandals, heavy boots, crop sweat-shirts, high-shouldered blazers and plaid prints combined with punk-rock. Styling cue: A sharp-shouldered blazer, worn with a pencil skirt or high-waisted pair of trousers, is sure to command the boardroom and make some serious power-moves!

The Iconic Resurgence – 90s Fashion

No other decade is more relevant and influential in fashion today, than the 90s. As the millennial generation has grown up and gained more purchasing power; 90s trends have been in high-demand for a while. Craving the rebelliousness of the 90s, the influences of this era are defined by pop-culture icons like SJP in ‘SATC’ and the plaid-clad shenanigans of Cher Horowitz in the wildly popular movie ‘Clueless’. Doc-martens, chunky combat-boots, choker necklaces, metallic textures and fabrics, slinky slip dresses, grungy rock-inspired t-shirts, retro athleisure, platform slides, mesh, over-sized blazers and co-ordinated outfits – the list of key 90s trends running in contemporary fashion today is endless! Styling cue: Take an emo approach and go ‘all-black-everything’ to give off a too-cool-for-school vibe!  

The Early Aughts – 00s Fashion Decoded

The 00s are the primary source of today’s ‘Athleisure’ and ‘Normcore’ craze – with sporty adidas tracks and juicy couture influencing today’s approach towards casual-wear. In 2019, fashion is rife with references from the early aughts - low-waisted jeans, fanny-bags, meticulously co-ordinated sets, cargo-pants, all-denim looks, snake-skin and leopard prints have made their way into modern closets. Styling cue: Combine the early aughts flair with contemporary coolness, by pairing an oversized sweatshirt with spandex leggings. The 20th and early 21st century was overwhelmingly about looking forward, owing to the circumstances and events of the time. Today, the millennial youth is increasingly gripped with looking to the past for comfort, familiarity and inspiration. ‘Nostalgia’ in fashion is an obsession for consumers and designers alike; many of whom are a part of the generation that aims to evoke iconic trends from the past and re-introduce them with a new-age clarity. Shop the nostalgia collection for him and for her Explore a new shopping experience here  

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