Remember the era of vintage florals, polka dots, animal prints, structured bags, everything tweed and big pearls? Oh yes, we are talking about retro fashion. And, we have some great news - it’s back in fashion! But, with a modern twist. Simply, wearing an animal print blouse won’t make the cut. You have to pair the trend with something more chic that appeals to Gen Z. Fret not, we have got you covered with our outfit picks for this trend.  

Evergreen Florals

TBH nothing speaks retro more than florals. To top it off, they’re so versatile that you can pair them with whatever you like.  

For Her

Get your hands on a pair of floral pants and pair it with a solid coloured t-shirt (preferably white). Don’t forget to accessorise it with big chunky pearls for a more vintage touch.

For Him

Men can’t pull off florals… no one said ever! If this isn’t the time for men to rock the floral trend, there never will be. But, we aren’t talking about those floral scarves or ties. Floral t-shirts are making headlines. Don’t they look oh-so-flattering? Black jeans and a statement watch is enough to complete a winning look.

Statement Prints

Nothing (absolutely nothing) made a statement like animal prints in the 80s. The good news is that it’s still in demand and totally in trend rn.

For Her

Ladies, go all out! Pair that animal dress in your wardrobe with well… those animal prints shoes. It’s not about that subtle look anymore. Keep it dramatic, silly.

For Him

Oh yes, animal prints aren’t just designed for women anymore. Men aren’t shying away from this trend either. Pair a snake print T-shirt with black trousers and a chunky watch, and you’re good to go.

Stylish Totes

Great things come in big packages. At least, that’s the motto for bags at the moment. Small, tiny bags have been ditched for oversized totes. Honestly, we couldn’t be happier - these bags have space for anything and everything.

For Her

Women love their totes, don’t they? After all, these bags compliment all outfits. Though our favourite look involves a jumpsuit and a denim tote.

For Him

Remember that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Joey carried a leather bag and everyone dissed him for it? That’s not the case anymore. Men are loving their big bags. If you are aiming for a casual look, carry this bag with your favourite graphic T-shirt.